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1/23/24 : High Performance Camp - Day Twelve

Camp Activities :

Multiple pitchers will throw bullpen sessions today . Position players will take fielding practice on the fields and work on offensive skills inside the Montgomery Training Center.

Last note :

This is my last article. Over the course of the past nine years I’ve tried to present the player development process in a portrait and description taken from a daily perspective of actual personal observations and discussions.  Keeping the integrity of the conviction of an organization striving to achieve the ultimate goal in baseball has always been something of importance and safeguard in my shared views.  As a fan and writer positivity is my chosen path and highlighting the work of those in the baseball profession in such manner while recognizing that shortfalls and lessons learned also exist is a balance that has hopefully come thru in my writing endeavors.  Respect is earned and it’s also my hope that I’ve accomplished that.

I truly have enjoyed sharing my observations with ya all - as Yogi Berra was quoted as saying  “You can observe a lot by watching.”  I’ll continue to watch, I love the game of baseball and strive to both learn from as well as marvel at it's beauty and the skill levels at which professionals play and conduct it.  The time has come to return to keeping my observations to myself.  Sharing them adds no value to the overall equation.  Thank you for indulging me the past nine seasons.

For one final time - Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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Jan 23

I have very much enjoyed your posts and observations- you are the only one who posts frequently on Florida operations.


Nicholas Frese
Nicholas Frese
Jan 23

Very sorry to see you go! I have enjoyed your work very much.

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