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10/20/2020 : 2020 Phillies Review/2021 look ahead - Corner Out Field Spots

Here’s an early look at where things stand now for the Phillies organization corner outfield positions inclusive of where some of the minor leaguers might project for the 2021 season. Just my thoughts ...

The Right Field position has been secured for years. Bryce Harper is inked to roam the position for hopefully most if not all of the next eleven seasons. In Left Field Andrew McCutchen is secured for at least one more season with a club option to add the 2022 season as well. Hopefully Andrew’s knee is further healed and he can frequent the position more regularly in 2021.

Adam Haseley and Roman Quinn can both play all three outfield spots, when they don’t start in center field either can provide solid corner defense as well. Jay Bruce will become a free agent this off season ... he’s suffered thru his own injuries and lost time the past few years ... if the DH is back in 2021 he’s an ideal candidate ... all depends on how much the Phillies have to spend.

Kyle Garlick ( 28 years old ) is currently on the 40 man roster and can play both outfield corners ... the Ex Dodger will seemingly be in the mix next spring to make the club as the fifth outfielder if the roster remains as is ... it’s not likely that it will.

Austin Listi ( 26 years old ) can play corner outfield as well as first and third base, it’s my hope and belief that he will be given a real shot at making the big club this spring in a reserve role ... the young man can flat out hit, the club needs to fill out the roster with less expensive players as well ... just sayin ... there’s a very good option right at the doorstep.

Mickey Moniak ( 22 years old ) could also make a push this spring to break camp with the big club but it’s more likely he begins the year at Lehigh Valley as the everyday center fielder.

The Triple A roster will very likely include a few veteran free agent signings in 2021 ... perhaps even Mikie Mahtook ( 30 years old ) and Nick Martini ( 30 years old ) who both participated in the Alternate Training Camp site practices this season. Cornelius Randolph ( 23 years old ), Grenny Cumana ( 24 years old ) and Josh Stephen ( 23 years old ) all should be set for Triple A level action in 2021. Stephen had a very strong 2019 season in Reading which earned him an Arizona Fall League spot. Randolph needs to get back to the basics of his line drive type swing ... in this observer’s humble opinion it’s always been his ticket to the show ... too much effort has been made to alter that ( again my opinion ). Cumana is just a good ballplayer, he’s capable of playing infield as well ... folks often discount his ability due to his 5’5” size but the young man plays the game hard and smart, can hit and has speed to boot, he just needs a chance to show all that on a regular basis.

Reading should have a good group of outfielders in 2021. Jhailyn Ortiz ( 21 years old ) should be the regular right fielder, I think the young fella could have a break out season ... he’s in Fall Instructs now making up for lost time. Matt Vierling ( 24 years old ) would seem as the likely candidate for left field although he’s been training in Fall Instructs as a first baseman as well. Matt could also push his way to the Triple A level this coming spring. Malvin Matos ( 24 years old ) played at Lakewood in 2019, even with a lost 2020 campaign he’s likely in the mix for the 2021 Reading roster. Malvin can play all three outfield positions. Yerwin Trejo ( 23 years old ) is another versatile outfielder who spent 2019 at Lakewood but could skip a level and start 2021 with the AA squad.

The A level of play has a bunch of candidates ... newly drafted and signed Baron Radcliffe ( 21 years old ) could begin his pro career at either Low or High A ... depends on the coming ST camp ... he’s here in Fall Instructs now learning and working to make an impression.

Ben Pelletier ( 22 years old ) and Carlos De La Cruz ( 21 years old ) both saw regular time in Lakewood in 2019 at both the corner and center field spots. I talked about De La Cruz likely being at the High A level in 2021 in the center field review. From my perspective I think that Ben will also begin in High A ... big time power bat potential for the young Canadien. Hunter Hearn ( 23 years old ) also projects as a potential High A level corner outfielder for next season ... he played the 2019 season at Williamsport. I mentioned both Keaton Greenwalt ( 22 years old ) and Hunter Markwardt ( 23 years old ) as A level candidates in the center field discussion ... both are certainly in the mix for corner outfield spots as well ... versatility is a good thing 👍. I’d include 24 year old Tucker Maxwell in that mix as well. With really good springs any of these fellas could even potentially push their way to the AA level ... the loss of the 2020 season makes it even more difficult to project.

Low A level candidates for corner spots would seemingly include Marcus Lee Sang ( 19 years old ), Jose Cedeno ( 19 years old ), Luis Matos ( 20 years old ), Raymond Mora ( 20 years old ), Jadiel Sanchez ( 19 years old ) and Jefferson Encarnacion ( 19 years old ). All are very young and inexperienced, ( none have played above the GCL level and Mora and Encarnacion have only played at the DSL level ), but with the 2020 lost season some may need to now skip a level to fill roster slots ... this spring will go a long way in determining who steps up for a higher level role.

All of this is pure speculation of course ... off season transactions will certainly impact the mix of every position. Just thought I’d throw out a few of the names that are presently in the mix ...

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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