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10/22/23 :  Phillies Baseball Is

Positivity breeds success - I truly believe that.  Watching the camaraderie brought forth by the winning spirit of today’s version of the Phillies swells one’s heart with pride.  Seeing a stadium full of fans whether they be lifelong diehards or onboarded band wagoners stand in unison as an orchestra of support brings chills.  Knowing the passion of a love for the game fueled by the legacy of education growing up with it creates goosebumps of joy.

And while that ovation earlier this season for a struggling shortstop highlights the positivity it wasn’t the beginning.  Instead that was born with a willingness for change. Gathering a collection of stars that can shine, acknowledging the talent within, building upon it by expanding with new people and ideas then practicing what is preached laid the groundwork to the found pathway of success.  The energy created built a new engine in the organization fueled by the positivity of change.

It will be special if the team can win the 2023 World Series.  My son tells me that attendance at Phillies playoff games is unique and special because of the energy of the moments.  I’m proud that he and my daughter in law attend and feel the love within their hearts that I feel for the game.  It’s also special to me to see players I’ve watched grow and have written about during their development days go from boys to men and perform on the CBP stage.  Many of today’s minor leaguers have been or will be in the stands amongst the fans to absorb the energy and think of the day they may be on the field themselves, it’s great for them to feel the passion first hand.  Sometimes I wish I could be there myself but yet the collective Phillies camaraderie of the moments bursts thru the TV even here in the Clearwater area.  That’s a special shining.

The faster paced game during the marathon of this regular season helped bring fans back nationwide but it was the groundswell of desire wanting to belong to something unique and special that have filled the seats each day or night in Philly.  The interest created by winning will onboard the masses however the beauty of the moments will keep them there.  Those moments concrete the passion of the love for the game and a team.  Philly and the Phillies are shining - we can feel it and it will continue to do so.

That’s what’s in my heart - that’s what Phillies baseball is.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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1 Comment

Nicholas Frese
Nicholas Frese
Oct 22, 2023

Well said! I moved to North Carolina in 2020 and we are feeling the love here, too. I was born a Phillies fan; I shall die a Phillies fan.

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