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10/23/22 : Four till the Big Dance ( on our own )

When moments become magical and legends even respond in awe -  “Oh my gosh. I just did that” - 3

When aces shine leaving nothing behind - 45

When fire flys from both left and right arms locking down the opposition - 46 & 58

When four runs down just reminds ya there’s 27 outs still to play and two bombs explode - 17

When pitches low and outside are just how you like em - 2

When ice runs thru your veins - at least to the external view - 55 & 56

When ya step up when called upon regardless of when - 64, 75, 30, 44, 33 & 43

When you run the bases like no catcher is supposed to - 10

When you’re called Day Care but play with veteran moxy - 16, 28, 5 & 19

When ya have struggled but still grind and fight - 8

When you provide energy and spark even if ya don’t play - 57, 47, 61,18, 25 & 29

When you lead by inclusion and hit baseballs to places no one else ever has - 12

When you’re the consummate teammate and bring it every day - 21

When you’re quiet yet more confident than anyone knows and deliver - 27

When you have a bad outing but the boys pick ya up and you know you will bounce back - 70 & 52

When you’re the steadying hand of direction that everyone waits for till the party begins - 59

When you pick up BP baseballs even when ya don’t have to - JM

When you coach like no other and garner ultimate respect - the staff

When you Protect the Standard and build to win - the Org

When ya stay ready in Clearwater if needed - 48, 49, 13, 39, 41 & 0

When the stadium rocks because ya show out all game long - the Phans

When all this happens you become a National League Champion

When four more W’s will make Broad Street dance in a parade for the ages

We believe

Past losses atoned

With the will of Corey

We will dance once more - on our own !

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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