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10/25/23 : The Disheartenment of Defeat - just sayin

Losing hurts …

When expectations were so high and failure occurs it’s devastating and somber.  All the efforts of the season from the first days of unofficial voluntary pre-camp workouts in January at the complex to the final out of last night’s game in Philadelphia the toll of emotional investment and the subsequent disappointment weighs heavy.

To the mockery of messages from those that believe needling is humorous and seemingly lifts their spirits.

Seen on the faces and heard in the voices of those who take it to heart.

The Blame Game …

Some (many) will choose to blame their own players or the manager or the umpires, or any other reason for the series loss

- an inability to acknowledge that games are won, not lost - that performance of the victors simply outdoes those defeated.

It’s gonna take more than a minute …

Memories of Joe Carter circling the bases in 1993 are still lodged in the minds of those of us who watched.  This year it will be a collective reflection.

There’s always another game …

While the fresh taste of defeat remains bitter the clock of life continues to run and the calendar will turn.  The next group will gather with the goal of a championship akin.  A new season’s marathon will begin with its own ups and downs, bumps and bruises, successes and failures.  And for those of us who take losing probably way too much to heart we will rejuvenate - simply because our love of the game and for our team will outweigh the present sadness - we too shall re-gather with unwavering support that’s genuine and heartfelt - that’s what we do and who we are.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

Losing hurts and it’s a disappointing memory that will linger, I, like all true baseball folks will somehow find a way to pick myself up from the dredges of lost opportunity and forge ahead.  I’ll continue to write the minor league off-season player notes that I’ve started, maybe even publish them on this very site and in my email chains (hopefully some of ya will even read em 🤓) and continue hope that someday in the not so distant future that we are part of a much happier conclusion to a major league season because that’s the standard we drive for and protect.  For at the end of any day, I still love the game and each day I awake it’s Happy Day, Happy Baseball - just sayin ⚾️

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