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10/5/23 : Organization

When a writer from Williamsport and a producer from a talk show station in Philly introduce that positivity outweighs negative support and a fan base and then a superstar responds - that’s organization

When you position practice to occur during regular season games after you’ve clinched a playoff spot on things ya may need in the post season - repeated bunt attempts or slider after slider - that’s organization

When defensive prowess is a factor and the data also indicates that the lineup is better served with a right handed bat in the corner outfield spot and the move shines thru on the very first ball put in play of the series and later when an RBI is delivered  - that’s organization

When you remember a throw earlier this year from your opponents right fielder when he put the ball on the plate from a standstill position from deep in the outfield so ya hold a runner with no outs in the first inning to give the next batter in the order a chance - that’s organization

When each hitter approaches their AB with the mindset to move the line and allow the next man up and a rookie sets the tone with a big time AB that perhaps only “baseball savvy folks” notice allows just that - that’s organization

When a runner goes first to third and picks up the ball in the left field corner with a full head of steam judging that the throw won’t be in the relay man’s hand by the time he hits the bag and albeit the third base coach has a stop sign whether it be real or a deke said runner scores - that’s organization

When it’s better to leave a runner on first base so that the lefty batter on deck has a hole to hit into rather than bunt the runner to second and then that batter delivers a run scoring double - that’s organization

When a kid takes the time to work extra hard to strengthen their top hand so that fastballs can be turned on and a grand slam becomes reality - that’s organization

When the skipper puts players in spots where they can succeed whether they come thru or not and supports the effort regardless of outcome - that’s organization

When players continue to work at your training complex in case they are needed with only a few supporters on hand to acknowledge them and the team knows the effort  - that’s organization

When a team parties after series wins like there’s no tomorrow for the tomorrows that those wins bring and the unity continues to bond - that’s organization

When a fan base focuses on winning and turns up the volume on positivity from first pitch to last so that they can’t help but be acknowledged as part of the equation - that’s organization

All of these things aren’t happenstance and every element of the equation doesn’t always work but when a standard is set and protecting it is the agenda - that’s organization

Very happy for the team, the fan base, the ownership, the front office and everyone else who’s engaged - winning is a mindset - if ya don’t believe ya can ya likely won’t - that’s organization

Next up …

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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