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11/13/21 : Baseball Worth

In March of 2020 the gates of Carpenter Complex closed to the public. It became just a small part of a seemingly never ending battle against the spread of a virus that we as a society have allowed to grow far beyond a physical pandemic, if that wasn’t bad enough on it’s own. The closing of those gates perhaps forever altered what had become my daily sojourn. No longer was it possible to go sit in the stands or alongside the fields on a bench and watch baseball and it’s interactions of life.

We all are living thru this time in a different manner. For many reality became much harsher than just being locked out of a baseball complex. The effect of a global plague knows no bounds of dismay. We collectively succumbed to its grip and have yet to fully recover as the inequalities of life continue to gain in depth.

When baseball resumed this past spring the complex gates remained closed … symbolic perhaps because many in our world chose to also close their mindsets.

Subjective thinking was made truth and objective logic became more scorned and set aside as misconception.

The fear of change cast such a large shadow that it manifested into an inability to realize and/or acknowledge inequities that have existed for generations.

In a world of isolation mistrust not only gained nourishment but hardened to a point where the crustacean of its shell for some became impenetrable.

In the midst of that sports remained our outlet, our escape, often our sanity. The value of belonging is embedded in our fan-dome of the teams we cheer for. It’s a happy place that’s much needed and of distinct worth.

In a world where frugality is for some such a self driven badge of honor to a point that it completely blinds the value of quality … fan-dome is beyond any quantitative value, it’s immeasurable.

I retired at the age of 55 from a corporate leadership role in a highly competitive industry. While I’ve enjoyed my time immensely since then there are times when I have regrets, feelings of not contributing. I find myself reveling in old “war stories” which my saint of a wife has listened to patiently without waver. I’ve even applied for positions within the Phillies which I know I don’t possess the qualifications for … just because. Self worth is important to us all, we find it in different ways or pursuits but all of us need the importance of being valued.

I’ve always believed that true leadership is not found in division. Some ascend to leadership roles by embracing divide and encouraging its encompassing anger for self reward. But they don’t last … true leaders place value on others, recognize it and realize the importance of worth, both self and collective.

Baseball has that worth to me and many others. We revel in it’s daily regimen, even in it’s off season conjectures. It’s the outlet we savor, that we need.

The gates at Carpenter Complex remain closed to the public … seemingly there’s a larger lockout looming come this December. I truly hope those that are at the forefront of negotiations realize the importance this game has to so many.

Baseball will not lose “Phanatical” fans like myself if it temporarily locks the door but it will certainly suffer with those less embedded. We have all experienced a larger isolation these past months which was not of our choice and the divide which has occurred is undeniable … choosing to do so is an altogether different matter.

I truly hope the governors of Baseball realize it’s worth and value beyond the monetary quantifications. The inequalities of such worth have already hardened, I surely hope impenetrable crustaceans don’t form and turn into an isolation of the many from the few.

Hopefully more Happy Days, Happy Baseball ahead … it’s a choice of value and worth ⚾️

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