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11/20/2020 : In retrospect - 2017 Phillies Draft

With the additions named today to the 40 man roster the 2017 draft is trending to be one of the most successful groups in recent Phillies history.

Three players from the Phillies 2017 draft class have already graduated to the major leagues : OF Adam Haseley ( 1st Rd ), RHP Spencer Howard ( 2nd Rd) and RHP Connor Brogdon ( 10th Rd).

Three more have now been added to the team’s 40 man roster .... IF Nick Maton ( 7th Rd ), LHP Kyle Dohy ( 16th Rd ) and LHP Damon Jones ( 18th Rd ).

Phillies 2017 draftee RHP Connor Seabold ( 3rd Rd ) was added today to the Red Sox 40 man roster. He was traded to Boston this past summer.

Seven of the thirty Phillies signed selections ( 23 % ) are now on big league 40 man rosters.

Phillies draftee RHP Addison Russ ( 19th Rd ) will very likely receive a 2021 big league Spring Training non roster invitation to the Yankees camp if he’s not selected by another club in the Rule 5 draft in December. He was traded to New York this past summer.

LHP David Parkinson ( 12th Rd ), OF Austin Listi ( 17th round ) and LHP Jakob Hernandez ( 21st Rd ) all appear likely to be at least on the 2021 Lehigh Valley AAA roster if they are not selected in the December Rule 5 draft.

Those eleven players represent 37 % of the 30 players the Phillies signed from the 2017 draft ... that’s a very healthy percentage of a draft class to reach the upper tiers of systems. It’s the highest percentage in that regard for all 30 teams as related to the 2017 draft.

It’s also noted that LHP Ethan Lindow ( 5th Rd ), IF Dalton Guthrie ( 6th Rd), LHP Jhordany Mezquita ( 8th Rd ), IF Jake Holmes ( 11th Rd ), C Colby Fitch ( 13th Rd ), LHP Zach Warren ( 14th Rd ), RHP Ben Brown ( 33rd Rd ) and IF DJ Stewart ( 39th Rd ) all remain active in the organization. Lindow, Guthrie, Fitch, Warren and Mezquita will all be viable candidates to begin the 2021 season at AA Reading. If that comes to fruition then 53 % of the signed Phillies 2017 draft class will be playing at the three top tiers of professional baseball in just the fourth full season after being drafted ( three actually since the 2020 was cancelled ) ... that’s even more impressive 👀😳.

Just sayin ... maybe the Phillies drafts and development processes haven’t been as bad as folks may think 🤪🤓

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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