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11/4/22 : 2022 Phillies Minor League Standouts - Part Three - Starting Pitchers

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Sneaking in the last in the series on Minor League standouts on the World Series travel day.  Part three is starting pitchers.

While the present is a great time with the Fighten’s battling for the 2022 top crown the future is still a vital focus for sustaining success - so here’s a look on some intriguing starting pitchers we saw this past minor league season that may just push their way to the show one day soon.

I’ll focus on just a few hurlers that I believe have put themselves in a good position going into 2023 spring training.  While my opinions are not built upon seasonal or short term stats I will reference them but note that I rely more upon my observations, coaches/scouts feedback and positive values I saw develop as the year progressed.  Since Fall Instructs were cut short ( due to Hurricane Ian ) the new draftees and un-drafted free agent signings will be out of scope for this series - I simply haven’t seen them enough nor did they play enough games this summer to consider them as 2022 standouts.

This will be a limited list of pitchers - in my ongoing off-season “work” I will write my observations on every pitcher I saw play this past summer either in person or via our daily/nightly routine of MILB TV viewership or other video feeds.

If ya missed part one on position players here’s a link -

So here goes - A fan’s view of the 2022 Phillies Minor League Standouts - Starting Pitchers.  One last qualifier - this list is based on pitchers who spent the majority of their time in the minor leagues this season or rehabbing.

Starting Pitchers :

RH Andrew Painter : named the 2022 Paul Owens Award winner, the minor league pitcher of the year by Baseball America and the Pitching Prospect of the Year by MLB.  The accolades were definitely earned - Andrew had an excellent year start to finish, I remember in Spring Training a scout from another club telling me how dominant he was in an outing against the Blue Jays - three up and three down ( all K’s ) in just 12 pitches.  He then blew thru Low A Clearwater ( 1.40 ERA - 69 K’s - 38 2/3 IP ) - was even better at High A Jersey Shore ( 0.98 ERA in 36 2/3 IP - 49 K’s ) and more than solid at AA Reading ( 2.54 ERA in 28 1/3 IP - 37 K’s ).  The 19 year old also posted an overall 6.20 K/BB ratio.  He’s very, very good.   There’s a potential of four plus big league pitches - will be in 2023 major league spring training - from my perspective has a fighter’s chance to earn a roster spot.  By the way he’s also a very approachable and pleasant person.  At the least would seemingly be in line to start 2023 with Reading trending upward.  Andrew is 19 years old and was the clubs 1st round draft choice in 2021 from Calvary Christian High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The speed gun : fastball ( sits in a range of 93 to 100 mph - max 101 ), change up ( 85 to 89 mph ), slider ( 78 to 86 mph ) and curve ( 74 to 82 mph )

RH Mick Abel : just turned 21 years old in August - has dominant “stuff” - had a great season of growth learning how to sequence pitches, tackle situations and work on executing pitches ( particularly in the stretch ).  The stats may not pop out to some however when you see him pitch in person the capability becomes very clear.  Mick finished his season strong posting a 2.51 ERA in three September starts with AA level Reading.  He’s also got four plus pitches.  Another cordial young man who’s a baseball sponge - very receptive to coaching and wants to excel - has all the tools to do so.  He will also be in big league camp next spring with a shot to earn a spot to go north with the Phillies.  He too, at the least, would seemingly be in line to open 2023 with Reading.  Mick was the 1st round draft selection in the 2020 draft from Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon.

The speed gun : fastball ( sits in a range of 93 to 98 mph - max 99  ), change up ( 84 to 90 mph ), slider ( 83 to 85 mph ) and curve ( 77 to 83 mph )

RH Griff McGarry : many believed that he had the best pure “stuff” in all of minor league baseball this past season.  The fastball is electric and both his slider and curve are swing and miss deliveries.  On top of that there’s a change up which he’s continually working to improve - it comes from the same arm slot with the same arm speed - it has the potential to be dominant.  Griff battled thru some injury setbacks during the year - out of spring camp an oblique issue and later in the year finger blister issues.  While the stuff is top drawer the pitching struggles have been finding consistent command and the strike zone - if he can reel that in then he’s a major leaguer - will also be in 2023 big league spring training - finished the season with AAA Lehigh Valley as a reliever but will return to the starting rotation next spring.  At 23 years of age he’s very close to making his major league debut.  Another hurler who can be a impact pitcher in the show.  Griff was selected in the 5th round of the 2021 draft out of the University of Virginia.

The speed gun : fastball ( sits in a range of 93 to 98 mph - max 100 ), change up ( 86 to 87 mph ), slider ( 83 to 85 mph ) and curve ( 79 to 81 mph )

RH Jayden Estanista : another young power arm on the horizon - 21 years old - from Willemstad, Curacao ( signed 11/8/19 ) - he posted a 2.01 ERA in his twelve 2022 FCL ( Florida Complex League ) appearances ( 5 starts - 31 1/3 IP ) with 35 K’s.  Jaydenn has shown an electric fastball with flashes of upper nineties heat.  His delivery is repeatable and the ball has tremendous life and movement out of his hand.  While secondaries are still a work in progress the talent is evident as is the work ethic.  I’ve got a very good feeling about this young man’s future - he’s not as advanced as others yet as he’s light on amateur baseball experience and is truly just learning the game but there’s genuine excitement about what’s possible in the future.  He may end up as a power reliever but for now will be developed as a starter - 2023 spring camp should end with his first full season assignment.

The speed gun : fastball ( sits in a range of 93 to 96 mph - max 97 ), slider ( 84 to 85 mph ) and curve ( 75 to 78 mph ) - change up is work in progress.

RH Enrique Segura : just 17 years old ( San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic - signed 1/15/22  ) - he is long and lanky and has been consistently in the 92 to 95 mph range with the heater - also has a slider and developing change up in the arsenal.  He pitches with a lot of energy and looks like he has fun playing the game as well - to me that’s important.  I was able to watch him on live stream quite a few times this season pitching for the DSL Phillies Red team where he posted a 2.32 ERA in 13 games ( 42 2/3 IP ).  Has a projection to add even more velocity with added weight and strength - he’s already got really good life on his pitches and is consistently down in the zone - seems to throw a heavy ball that is hard to lift.  There’s real excitement on what his future holds.

The speed gun : fastball ( sits in a range of 92 to 94 mph - max 95 ), slider ( 79 to 82 mph ) curve ( 77 mph ) and change up ( 84 to 87 mph ).

RH Eduar Segovia : 21 years old from Valencia, Venezuela - signed 5/9/18 - he last pitched in a game on 8/19/21 as a member of the Clearwater Threshers during which he suffered a shoulder injury.  Subsequent surgery and rehab efforts have brought Eduar to a point where he just completed his last round of live BP sessions this October.  A slight alteration in his arm slot ( a bit lower ) has introduced a cross fire delivery where we were quite impressed with the way the ball comes out of his hand.   Was a dominant pitcher when we first saw him in the Gulf Coast League in 2019 - we see that capability again now - both velo and movement are back and we think both have improved.  Am eager to see how he continues to progress - we think that 2023 is going to be a breakout season once he’s physically ready for a full season assignment.

The speed gun : fastball ( sits in a range of 92 to 95 mph - max 96 ), slider ( 80 to 85 mph ) curve ( 80 to 81 mph ) and change up ( 81 to 86 mph).

Thanks to Matt Winkleman ( Phillies Minor Thoughts ) for his diligent efforts in detailing the speed gun readings.

That’s a wrap for this series of articles, gonna get cranking on the rest now - Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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Mick Abel, Andrew Painter, Jaydenn Estanista, Griff McGarry & Eduar Segovia ( photos by Mark Wylie, George Youngs Jr & Casey Burns )

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