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12/7/23 : Just Sayin

A few news and notes items 🧐.

A tidbit that was not widely publicized when the five year minor league collective bargaining agreement was reached this past April (agreement term runs to 12/1/27) is that the maximum domestic reserve roster limit will be reduced to 165 for the 2024 season (175 off-season).  That is a reduction from the 180/190 limits imposed in 2023.  I’ve been informed that the new roster limits are now in effect.  The reduction of 15 jobs per team will impact training at the complex primarily since the affiliate roster limits have already been in effect (AAA and AA set at 28 active, High A and Low A set at 30 active). The 165 overall limit begins on opening day of the 2024 AAA season.  I guesstimate that the salary savings amount to approximately $300 K per organization and $ 9 million for the industry.   It certainly impacts the number of free agent signings that are added at the minor league level and the number of players promoted from the Dominican academies (there are no roster limits imposed at the Dominican academies).  Keep in mind that 14 of the 165 roster spots will be occupied by players on the major league 40 man reserve roster who are optioned to the minor leagues to play.  By my count the Phillies current domestic minor league roster is at 169.

We are in the “dead period” as agreed upon in the minor league CBA.  The period started the Saturday before Thanksgiving and runs till January 1st.  During this time, players can’t be invited or required to perform work (aside from necessary rehab, which is to be done in a player’s home city if possible.) at a team facility.   It doesn’t prohibit players from working on their own, in fact everyone that I know of is doing so.   There are multiple Phillies players, as well as those from other organizations, doing their off season work at Cressy Sports in Florida.  Tyler Phillips, Andrew Painter, Griff McGarry and Gabriel Rincones Jr are amongst the players working there.

The Phillies next scheduled minor league group training event is a January High Performance Camp set to begin on January 8th which will run into spring training pre-camp.  As per the minor league CBA the minor league spring training report date can be set to any time after major league pitchers and catchers report.

While some folks may be disappointed that the team hasn’t made any major off-season additions (actually re-signing Aaron Nola is pretty major 🤓) to date it’s refreshing to me that they believe in the abilities of the young men working their way up the ladder.  As an example I’ve watched Johan Rojas develop since he was a young teenager and have long touted his abilities - to formulate significant doubt over a struggle offensively in the playoffs is both unwarranted and just not baseball savvy.  The organization knows he can play at the major league level both offensively and defensively, he’s a game changer, stay tuned.    That being said there are two spots open on the 40 man roster, word is the club prefers to add players on one year contracts rather than multi year terms.  When the dust settles that’s likely who occupies those last two spots.

Just sayin

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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