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2/14/24 : Today at the Complex

Valentines Day coinciding with the official opening of major league spring training (pitchers and catchers day) seems poetic for those who love baseball - just sayin 🤓.   To be honest the luster of the first day of spring camp is lost somewhat for those of us who are daily observers at the complex simply because many of the players have already been here working for a week or two.  It is fun to see the full contingent out there though albeit fan vantage points are limited.

There was early morning BP for catchers on Roberts field along with receiving drills to work on pitch receipt framing.  Pitchers took part in PFP’s (Pitchers Fielding Practice) on both Schmidt and Ashburn fields and then those assigned bullpen work threw off the seven mounds area (very limited public viewing there as it’s a secured area behind the minor league clubhouse and in front of the Montgomery Training Center).  Only credentialed media and Phillies personnel are able to watch without a somewhat obstructed view in that area.  There were multiple pitchers who threw but I was unable to see them so am not sure who took the mounds.

I’d say between 50 to 100 people or so were on hand to watch today’s practices - I spent the majority of my time chatting with folks who approached and wanted to discuss upcoming minor leaguers and/or Phillies baseball in general.  A social baseball gathering per se for my friend Jim Peyton and myself as quite a few folks introduce or re-introduce themselves as readers of our articles.  Social media output leading to social interaction about baseball - go figure 😂.   As self proclaimed Phillies minor league ambassadors we enjoy the opportunities to talk up the player development process and players.

The rehab work continued today for minor league players here in that effort.  Their work is limited by the type of injury they are recovering from and the stage of the recovery they are in but everyone does cardio work and conditioning.  There’s some pitch and catch sessions as well including using a football - I told Andrew Painter and Alex Garbrick after one session that their crossing routes with the football were excellent - Andrew kidded that it may be a second career for him - gotta maintain a sense of humor when going thru the rigors of recovery work - for that matter in any endeavor.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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