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2/17/22 : Today at the Complex - Mini Camp Day Two

Highlights of the day were bullpen sessions on the seven mounds by some promising hurlers. Billy Sullivan, Jean Cabrera, Ben Brown, Micah Ottenbreit, Andrew Baker and Andrew Schultz were amongst the pitchers throwing today. All come into camp with high expectations for the coming season.

Closest to us were Sullivan, Ottenbreit, Cabrera and Schultz. Micah looks significantly stronger than when we saw him in Fall Instructs. He’s a quick worker even in today’s session, gets the ball and gets right after it. Sullivan seemed to me to have a more streamlined delivery, one designed with perhaps less stress on his elbow. He’s a high velo pitcher, from our observation area the fastball was strong again today. Cabrera is a slender young man, just 20 years old but he can bring it, even from a distance we could tell today his fastball has a great deal of giddy up. Shultz was also letting it fly today, I’m excited to see him perform in games, he’s capable of being dominant as a back end reliever. Baker and Brown are likely starters, in my mind as part of the Jersey Shore opening day rotation. Ben has been consistently sitting mid nineties with his four seamer and Baker posts in the mid to upper nineties. Both are big fellas physically as well, velo and intimidating size are two good variables to have as a pitcher 👍.

There weren’t any BP sessions today on the fields, inside work continues in that regard in the Montgomery Center with I’m assuming specialized focus for each hitter. Infield, outfield, catching and the first set of PFP’s ( Pitchers Fielding Practice ) took place today on the four fields.

We will be back tomorrow - it’s a great feeling to be back outside and inside the complex gates doing what I’ve come to love - watching baseball practice - guess I’m just weird that way 🥴😎.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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