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2/18/22 : Projections

“An inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest. Doubt as to the truth of something - the theory that certain knowledge is impossible.”

Those are two found definitions of cynicism and skepticism. What some may call “keeping it real”. Personally it tugs at me that for many it’s the predominant way of thinking. I just don’t grasp the concept of constant disbelief and lack of faith - in seemingly anything.

In baseball perhaps the most difficult thing to do from an observers perspective is to project talent. To determine or envision what a ballplayer, coach or even administrator may become. One downtrodden projection of a system can snowball into a piggybacking avalanche of disclaimers and/or “knowledge”.

But … without a daily, and I do mean daily, interest the observations of development aren’t necessarily “keeping it real”. To project a future based on isolated views in time disallows for the ability of growth and is at best obscured. It’s the biggest reason I disdain rankings and lists - to me they are meaningless and holistically subjective predicated entirely on points in time and isolated views.

It’s equally frustrating to voice an opinion of optimism in a world seemingly filled with skeptics. It’s deflating to not been seen or heard for what’s seemingly deemed as lack of credentials.

I have seen the Phillies system talent, I have tried my best to share what I’ve seen. The ability to see changes over time such as pitchers deliveries, batters swings, fielders hands and footwork, etc. are things I’ve always noticed and taken account of - from multiple observations. Those types of things are the foundation of enhanced abilities for present and future success. Those things are true baseball skills and development measures however they are predicated, discovered or analyzed. Change and adaptation for better or worse with each individual player is the “absolute” determination of his destiny along with initial talent - one generally doesn’t succeed in this game on talent alone.

Maybe it’s time to be silent - to let the cynics and skeptics have their way. Time always is the ultimate truth teller and perhaps it’s better to just let it be served. No one knows with surety what the future brings, living the present is our only guarantee. For this old baseball fan it may just be better to let things be “kept real” and keep my thoughts to myself. It’s not like there’s an impact made either way.

Just sayin.

However you approach it … to me it’s always gonna be - Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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1 commentaire

19 févr. 2022

Hey Steve! Though I do not watch baseball anymore, I do read your posts because I respect your opinions, your intelligent observations, and because you write so damn well. Lots of “journalists” could learn a thing or two from you about how to organize a thought into a coherent sentence. That being said, I’ll bet your southpaw handwriting still sucks! Anyway, please keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll bet there’s other readers whom you equally entertain.

Best Regards,


Thorndale, PA

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