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2/2/21 : Disappointing

I am a lifelong baseball fan and an avid attendee of Spring Training. I live in Clearwater and under normal circumstances am at Carpenter Complex literally every day.

These are not normal circumstances. The failure of MLB and the MLBPA to reconcile that fact with regards to health and safety is not only disappointing but mind boggling. It’s a message to fans like myself that we don’t matter in the equation.

Delaying the season and spring training would have provided a better situation for fans to attend games and workouts, time would have bought opportunity to make things better in our collective fight against Covid ... the decision to not do so honestly feels like my baseball heart has been ripped out.

I love baseball but the constant bickering and political divide between the union and MLB hardens the heart ... both sides should be cognizant of turning a life time love of baseball of fans like myself into a cold distaste and rejection.

Very disappointing.

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