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2/2/22 : Some Photos to warm the baseball soul

Ventured over to the complex this morning for a few minutes and snapped off some photos with my IPhone ( forgot to take the trusty IPad today 🤦‍♂️). The grounds crew is busy spreading infield dirt onto Ashburn Field. That’s the designated big league training field during Grapefruit League play. At least the field will be ready in a bit even if the big leaguers are not able to play on it.

There are a group of minor leaguers here working out - mostly rehab players continuing their comebacks. I watched Catcher Logan O’Hoppe doing some drills with his coaches on the Bowa half field for a bit. While I was there RHP Chase Antle walked over to the side pitching mounds and did a towel throwing drill. It’s a mechanics drill where the pitcher simulates throwing a ball by holding a towel in their throwing hand. Afterwards chatted with him briefly from afar ( my perch on the overhang by the field and him down on the field ). He’s a nice young man who’s worked hard to return from TJ surgery. Has progressed to the throwing part of his routine and should be ready for live bullpens in the coming weeks. We are anxious to see him on the mound, by accounts of his collegiate playing days he’s a high velo hurler.

That’s a wrap, just thought you all might want to see some warm weather Ballpark photos is all.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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