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2/22/24 : Today at the Complex

Morning Major League Camp :

Multiple live BP’s to conclude the practice session - Christopher Sanchez and Tyler Phillips did two inning up-down sessions.  I thought that Phillips threw very well, he struck out Trea Turner in his session and showed good velocity with command of all his pitches.  Jose Alvarado, Matt Strahm, Jeff Hoffman, Gregory Soto, Griff McGarry, Michael Rucker and Nick Snyder each threw single frames.

Griff McGarry looked really confident, threw strikes consistently with both his fastball and curve.  Compact and direct to target delivery - ball moved well, soft contact and a couple punch outs in his session.  Jose Alvarado was dominant as per expected, Gregory Soto showed some off-speed differentials in his session, good pitches that played off the high velo fastball really well.  Nick Snyder popped the glove with high intent and impact, he’s another interesting “big arm” reliever to keep an eye on - from what we’ve seen has electric velocity and strong pitch movement.

Alec Bohm and JT Realmuto each went yard against Christopher Sanchez.  Bohm drove the ball into the trees behind left field on Roberts field.

Afternoon Minor League Mini Camp :

Bullpens :

Noah Skirrow, Efrain Contreras, Cam Brown, Matt Lazar, Tristan Garnett and Brandon Beckel threw bullpens on the seven mounds.  Tommy McCollum and Ethan Chenault threw bullpens off the mound on Roberts Field.   Ethan popped the mitt today, more velocity than I’ve previously seen, also showed a sharp breaking slider - good stuff.

Live BP :

Taylor Lehman, Andrew Schultz and Brett Schulze threw sessions on Ashburn field - Wesley Moore and Andrew Walling threw sessions on Roberts field.

Lefty Wesley Moore has a unique delivery, hides the baseball well and is consistent with release point.  He’s got an outstanding change-up as a primary - it’s a plus-plus offering and an out maker.  Andrew Schultz had really good velo today and pitch movement.

Just Sayin :

Player development is a different process for each player, there’s no all encompassing strategy or plan that applies to each person.  While an overarching charter or standard of concept, attitude and expectations are generally needed as governance it’s the daily work of the player guided by the coaches and support staff that identifies and builds upon their individual strengths.  The game is not robotic, however those who dismiss the influence of the insightful knowledge gained by things such as biomechanics along with video and data review are not taking advantage of all opportunities to learn and improve.  It always comes back to the player individually applying all of the learnings on the field of play, that’s never ever changed nor will it.

I watch each day as coaches and information collectors coordinate efforts on each of the players behalf.  There are individualized plans for every player, there is ongoing dialogue and interaction whether it be about mechanics, review, mental approach or just lightening up the day with a laugh.  The process of teaching and encouragement is not an entitlement but rather an incorporation - I watch the interactions - I watch the reactions - I watch the performances - I watch the reviews - l laugh along with them when funny things happen in a collective spirit.  There’s more to the story of player development than the daily or seasonal stats, there’s more to be learned than simplistic video or photo posts on social media.  The story is unique to each person engaged yet intertwined within the community and collective efforts of all those involved.  That’s the story that is continuous, that’s what I feel privileged to watch and write about.  Like the invisible man I try to see even if not seen, it’s an unacknowledged role but the reward is observing the process develop one day at a time towards what hopefully blossoms into individual accomplishments that drive the collective goal of each season, helping the organization win a World Series championship by providing an ongoing foundation  - that’s pro baseball player development.  Just sayin.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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