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3/5/24 : Grapefruit League Game Twelve

Phillies vs Orioles @ Clearwater, FL  @ 1:05 PM

Lineup :

Kyle Schwarber 7

Trea Turner 6

JT Realmuto 2

Alec Bohm 5

Jake Cave 3

Christian Pache 8

Edmundo Sosa 4

Cal Stevenson 9

Cam Gallagher DH


Zack Wheeler RHP

Minor League Call-Ups : - note that these players are reserves (may not play)

Pitchers : Brandon Beckel, Tristan Garnett, Jordi Martinez, David Parkinson, Alex Rao

Infielders : Pedro Martinez, Esteban Quiroz

Outfielders : Baron Radcliff, Gavin Tonkel, Ethan Wilson

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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