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3/7/22 : Today at the Complex - Minor League ST Camp - Day Three

Today was physicals day for position players who reported yesterday along with full workouts for pitchers, catchers and the position players who were in mini camp. A lot of different drills - the gamut of fielding, pitching, throwing and hitting. Bullpen sessions were thrown by multiple hurlers, they dress in full uniform when throwing bullpens during camp. Live bullpens concluded the day with six pitchers taking part.

We saw LH Nick Lackney, RH Kyle Glogoski, RH Aidan Anderson, RH Fernando Lozano, RH Konnor Ash, LH Gabriel Yanez, RH DJ Jefferson and RH Alex McKennythrow up close on the side mounds between Carlton and Roberts fields. From our view Lackney threw really well, good moment and velo. Anderson also stood out with velo, location and movement. We could see the break of Glogoski’s off speed deliveries from the side, must be really tough for a hitter in the box against him. Ash has a quirky delivery where his release point is skewed behind his leg kick - the way he brings the ball to a throwing position is deceptive as the focal point of the hitter could seemingly be distracted by how he separates his hands behind the raise of his front leg. McKenney impressed with velo on a couple he let fly.

Konnor Ash delivery

Link to videos of the some of the bullpens we saw are here -

Live bullpens were thrown by RH Mick Abel, RH Andrew Painter and LH Erik Miller on Ashburn Field while RH Adam Leverett, LH Erubiel Armenta and RH Gunner Mayer threw on Roberts Field. First comment is in regards to both Abel and Painter as to how calm and fluid their mechanics are, both young men are well schooled - they have easy, compact and low effort releases, very composed and in control. Abel was outstanding - his ball just jumps on hitters, one of the feedbacks I received was that the ball gets on ya quick, if you’re just a bit late getting your foot in stride the ball is already in the mitt past you 🤓. Mick’s fastball has great life and is extremely quick, he also threw changeups and breaking balls - struck out two of the four batters he faced. Armenta was much better today than the first time we saw him this spring, back in strikeout form, less jitters - he has good stuff. Painter threw a lot of off speed in his session but when he let the fast ball rip it had good life. Miller battled command a bit, especially with secondaries - his motion isn’t as effortless, sometimes it seems to me he leads with his front shoulder but my eyes might be deceiving me. Erik has really good stuff and seemingly can reach back for more velocity whenever he wants.

Mick Abel delivers against Yhoswar Garcia

Here’s a link to video I took of four of the pitchers - didn’t get either Leverett or Mayer today.

On the hitters side in live BP Jonathan Guzman turned on an inside delivery from Mick Abel and drove it down the left field line, it was the only hard hit ball against Mick. Darick Hall drove a high slider to the base of the right field wall against Andrew Painter.

Good Guy Observations :

Logan O’Hoppe during batting practice on Carlton Field noticed a young fan alongside of the fence watching with his parents and went out of his way to get a baseball and deliver it to the young man. A huge grin was the result and Logan won a fan for life. Earlier in camp Bryson Stott did something similar when he gave a broken bat to a young fan. It’s really cool to see those things happen and is indicative of the great character of players who do those things. Kudos !

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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