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4/2/21 : News and Notes

The Phillies Minor League Spring Training Camp is set to officially open tomorrow with staggered workouts throughout the day ... similar to big league camp the work groups will be smaller and designed to get players on and off the fields with as little interaction with others outside of their own particular work groups as possible. There is no fan or public admittance to inside the Complex, it will remain operating in a team bubble. Also note that with more players, coaches and support folks involved in this camp a chunk of the Complex parking lot has been fenced off for their parking needs. Ashburn Field is no longer viewable from just over the outfield fences due to the extra barriers that have been added. Just an FYI.

Alternate Camp also has started in Allentown. While there is a limit of 28 players on the official alternate camp roster teams can assign additional players noted as “player development” designees to the workout group. The Phillies have 30 players in Allentown for their workouts ... they will eventually scrimmage the Scranton Wilkes Barre Rail Riders camp approximately four times a week, both at Scranton and in Allentown ... TBD if tickets will be sold to fans to attend the scrimmages ... I do know that other Alternate Camp sites have announced they will sell tickets. The Alternate Camp roster is shown below. The Phillies now list 56 players in their 2021 player pool.

On Thursday MLB announced that the upcoming 2021 amateur draft will have 20 rounds. The draft will take place on July 11th thru the 13th. The Phillies will have $ 8,295,000 as their signing bonus allotment. Each team is allotted an amount to spend ... in addition they can spend up to $125,000 on each player selected from rounds eleven thru twenty without it counting towards reducing their allotment. Any un-drafted free agent bonus is limited to $20,000 maximum. The Pirates have the highest allotted value at $ 14,394,000 and the Astros the least ( due to penalties of losing their first two draft picks ) at $ 2,940,600.

Here’s a breakdown of the Phillies allotment by round :

Round One - $4,197,300

Round Two - $ 1,507,600

Round Three - $ 721,900

Round Four - $ 507,400

Round Five - $ 375,200

Round Six - $ 284,200

Round Seven - $ 222,100

Round Eight - $ 177,400

Round Nine - $ 155,800

Round Ten - $ 146,100

The International signing pool allotments were also announced on Thursday. The Phillies have been allotted $ 5,179,000 to spend for the 2021/2022 signing class. Formal signings for the group are likely to commence on 1/15/22 although verbal agreements usually take place well before the formal deals are done.

Just some intel for those interested is all 🤓

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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