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4/20/21 : Promotions

Albeit the circumstances are less than ideal as the big league vacancies were created by Covid issues the opportunities created and those selected for promotion deserve recognition.

So ... congrats to the following ...

LHP Damon Jones, LHP Christopher Sanchez and INF Nick Maton promoted to the major leagues 🤓

Nick Maton : Nick ( 24 years old ) had a very solid big league camp with eight hits in twenty five AB’s including four doubles, a home run and eight RBIs. He showed his defensive versatility by playing 2B,SS and 3B in Grapefruit League games. Nick was training in Alternate Camp and was going to open the league season in May as part of the Iron Pigs middle infield. Now afforded an opportunity in the show, he’s got a very quick bat, short swing akin to Chase Utley’s approach. We believe it’s just a matter of time till he’s a consistent major league contributor. Nick got his first major league hit in last night’s game against the Giants.

LH Damon Jones : Damon ( 26 yrs old ) is a cerebral pitcher who has quality stuff to match. He’s capable of popping the mitt consistently in the mid nineties and has a swing and miss slider that can be overpowering. The development needs are to gain consistency in both control and command, release point and repetition of delivery along with strengthening a softer additional pitch. He’s capable of both starting with an added pitch but also being a power reliever with the ones he already possesses. Talent is big league worthy as is the demeanor and person. This is Damon’s first major league call up.

LH Christopher Sanchez : When the Phillies acquired him from Tampa the 24 year old was touted as having the capability of bringing the FB in the upper nineties. I haven’t personally witnessed that type of velocity from him but word is he was throwing very well in Alternate Camp. Christopher was erratic with control in his two grapefruit outings this spring and when we saw him from afar on live BP’s on the backfields this spring. In Alternate Camp games he seemingly rectified that and produced a lot of strikeouts. He’s being groomed as a starter and likely is expected to fill the long man roll while he’s in the big leagues this time around, his first call up to the show.

LHP LHP Ranger Suarez and OF Corneluis Randolph promoted to the Alternate Camp in Allentown from minor league camp in Clearwater 🤓

LH Ranger Suarez : his camp was delayed by visa issues and then interrupted by an injury. In the past couple weeks he was back on the hill and being stretched out as a starter. He’s definitely got the skills and moxy to pitch in the show, won’t be intimidated by any situation. With the work he’s done in Clearwater he’s been able to strengthen his conditioning and will now push to get back to the big leagues, he’s shown that he can get hitters out at that level. Just 25 years old he’s entering his 10th pro season 😳 as he began as a 16 year old in Venezuela. Expect him to be a strong consideration for the big club going forward.

OF Corneluis Randolph : The 23 year old has stood out in minor league camp, he’s consistently hit the ball hard in his BP sessions re-showing the ability to drive the baseball to the opposite field that we saw early in his career. Defensively he’s played center field in camp for the AA group primarily out of necessity with Simon Muzziotti missing but has shown he’s capable of handling the position. Corneluis played winter ball in Australia this past off season and has noticeably slimmed down from prior years. We’re hoping this is the year everything clicks for the young man.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

(Steve Potter is the co-author with Larry Shenk of “Life In The Minors, 5th annual Phillies Minor League Digest” now available on He can be followed on

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