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6/1/2021 : The Week Ahead

It’s been a rough recent run for the big club as well as our minor league affiliates. In down times it’s easy to find things to critique. Reminds me of what a player development leader once told me a few years back ... it’s easy to praise and applaud when things are going well, the real work in coaching is getting players out of slumps and finding a consistency that leads to success. The job requires a vision of optimism and an ongoing commitment to building desire, mindset, effort and work ethic to adjust to multiple variables. It’s the grind of the game that can either wear one down or show one’s fight and will to persevere.

It’s that commitment that will turn just missing or getting underneath a pitch that last week produced a long fly ball or high pop up into a hard hit liner or home run this week. It’s that commitment that helps a pitcher find command that eluded them last week and turn it into soft contact outs this week. It’s that commitment that taking multiple ground or fly balls last week in the midst of defensive struggles that sharpen attention and abilities this week. It’s all part of it.

Of course talent has to come to the forefront as well but I refuse to give up on players I’ve seen over the past few years having success simply because they’ve struggled in the first four weeks of play this season ... going thru baseball life or life in general for that matter with a downtrodden view never ever leads to doing better, believing you will succeed and having others support that are truly the only ways to turn corners. It’s hard to defeat someone who never gives up, it’s relatively easy to do if confidence wavers. As long as these fellas put on the jerseys they have a chance to play well and win ... I believe in their abilities to do so.

Olympic News :

24 year old Luke Williams went 3 for 3 with two walks, a sac bunt and two walks in the leadoff spot for Team USA in their win against Team Nicaragua last night. Long time Phillie and current GCL manager Roly deArmas is the bullpen coach for the team. Games can be seen on ESPN+ but it requires a subscription. Luke was tearing it up for Lehigh Valley before departing to help Team USA ... he’s got a a .352/.439/.465 slash line in 18 games ( 71 ABs ) with the Iron Pigs. Last night he played LF for Team USA, he’s capable of playing seven defensive spots and has done so in his minor league career. Luke is a prime example of not giving up, early in his career the numbers wouldn’t reflect the success he’s had this season but for those of us who watch we saw the tide turning in Reading during the 2019 season. Never give up ...

Tonight’s expected Starting Pitchers : ( just my guess )

LHV - LH Christopher Sanchez

REA - RH Mark Appel or LH Taylor Lehman

JS - LH Josh Hendrickson

CW - LH Jordi Martinez

It’s gonna be a good week ... gotta believe ... Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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