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7/18/2020 : A couple of One Year AAA stints in the 1960’s

Time Period - 1960 & 1962

Venues : See Below

Cities : Dallas Fort Worth, TX & Indianapolis, IN


Franchise Histories :

The Phillies had a AAA player development contract ( PDC) with the Buffalo Bisons of the International League from 1959 to 1962 however during the 1960 and 1962 seasons they also placed AAA level players in the American Association League in Indianapolis ( 1960 ) and Dallas ( 1962 ) with auxiliary franchise agreements.

In 1960 the Phillies signed a one year PDC deal with the long standing AAA franchise Indianapolis Indians who were founded in 1902 and even continue today as an affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Indy club was coming off a working agreement with the Chicago White Sox who had decided to move their AAA franchise ties to San Diego ... the Sox would soon return to Indianapolis in 1962. The 1960 Indianapolis squad was mostly Phillies players however the club also took players on loan from other organizations, for example Catcher Bob Uecker played briefly in Indianapolis that season on loan from the Milwaukee Braves organization.

In 1962 the Phillies entered into a one year split working agreement with the American League Los Angeles Angels and their AAA minor league affiliate the Dallas Fort Worth Rangers - a team in the American Association. The Rangers club was a 1959 expansion franchise in the league and were affiliated with the Athletics in 1960 and the Angels in 1961. The team split it’s home games between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. The American Association disbanded following the 1962 season, the Rangers joined the Pacific Coast League for two seasons thereafter before disbanding themselves.

Fun Fact : Did you know that the original name of the NFL Dallas Cowboys was to be the Rangers ? They change it to the Cowboys so as to avoid confusion with the then existing Dallas Rangers Minor League baseball club 🤔.


The Stadiums the Phillies teams played in :

Victory Field - Indianapolis, IN :

Also Known As: Perry Stadium 1931-1941; Owen J Bush Stadium 1966-2012

Location: 1501 W. 16th Street at 38th Street.

Capacity: 15,000 (1931); 12,671 (1950); 12,934 (1995)

Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 350-480-350

Owen J. Bush Stadium was originally known as Perry Stadium, after the Indianapolis Indians owner, Norman A. Perry. The park was renamed Victory Stadium during World War II and then Owen J. Bush Stadium in 1966. The movie “Eight Men Out" was filmed there.

The Stadium and surrounding site was converted into apartment loft units in 2012 with some features of the old ball park incorporated into the apartment complex construct.

Burnett Field - Dallas, TX :

Also Known As: Gardner Park ( 1915 to 1924 ), Steer Stadium 1925-1938; Rebel Field 1939-1948; Burnett Field 1949-1964

Location: across E. Colorado Street from Gardner Park, at 1500 E. Jefferson Boulevard (1B), Brazos Street (3B), & Colorado Boulevard (RF).

Capacity: 10,500 (1961)

Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 330-377-341 (1961)

The park opened in 1915 and would host baseball games for over 40 years. It burned on September 10, 1940, but was rebuilt and reopened in July of 1941. The field was used by the Dallas Cowboys in the early 60’s as their practice field. After the 1964 Pacific Coast League season the field was no longer used ... it’s currently a vacant lot.

LaGrave Field - Fort Worth, TX

Location: 301 NE 6th Street

Capacity: 4,100

Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 321-400-335

The park opened in 1926 as host to the Texas League Fort Worth franchise. It served as a host to minor league baseball thru 1964. After that it suffered from inactivity and a lack of upkeep until being rebuilt in 2001 to host the United Baseball League ( Pro Independent ) Fort Worth Cats team. They played there thru 2014 until folding. The Stadium has since been abandoned once again.

The Seasons :

1960 - Indianapolis Indians

American Association ( AAA ) ... Managers : Johny Hutchings & Ted Beard ... 65-89 , 7th place ... Attendance : 162,123

22 year old LHP Chris Short pitched in his final 3 games of minor league baseball. He went on to a very long and productive 15 year major league career with the Phillies pitching in 501 games and tossing 2,325 innings pitched

1962 - Dallas Fort Worth Rangers - Phillies Co- Affiliate with LA Angels

American Association ( AAA ) ... Managers : Dick Littlefield & Ray Murray ... 59-90 , 6th place ... Attendance : 86,043

23 year old Second Baseman Cookie Rojas played in his final 47 minor league games after coming over to the Phillies from the Cincinnati Reds. He would go on to play the next 7 big league seasons with the Phillies ... part of a very successful 16 year major league career with the Reds, Phillies, Cardinals and Royals

Two players on the Club who were LA Angels property became excellent MLB managers with future impacts on the Phillies :

20 year old Shortstop Jim Fregosi played in 64 games ... he went on to play 18 big league seasons and to also to become the Phillies Manager from 1991 to 1996 ... skippered the 1993 NL Champion Phillies

33 year old Outfielder Chuck Tanner hit .359 in 359 AB’s in his final season of play ... he played a total of 18 years including parts of 8 in the majors with the Braves, Cubs, Indians and Angels ... he’s better known as a 19 season big league Manager with the White Sox, Athletics, Pirates and Braves including skippering the 1979 WS Champion Pirates “We are Family” crew ... bet ya didn’t know that in 1962 he was a teammate of a bunch of Minor League Phillies as well ... I sure didn’t 😳

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️


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