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7/26/23 : Today in Rookie Camp

Player Development Center Training - Carpenter Complex

2023 draftees and non-drafted free agent signees continued their initial pro workouts with both meetings to indoctrinate them to the process along with indoor and outdoor on field practices.  All twenty five players participated in weight training.  The pitchers continued to progress thru their throwing programs and position players took fielding practice on Carlton Field as well as batting practice both in the indoor cages and on Carlton Field.  Rookie Camp is an introduction of what’s to come in the off-season Fall Instructs and High Performance Camps which build towards 2024 spring training.

A Few Impressions

One of the outdoor infield drills today was cutoff throws to home from the outfield.  All of the infielders were positioned in short center field for the drill.  Zach Arnold repeatedly made throws right on the plate with steam on them - really good arm.

During infield drills Arnold continued to impress taking grounders at third base, seems well schooled with mechanics, he played third base fifty five games during the 2023 collegiate season at the University of Houston.  During the drills Arnold and Bryson Ware played third base, Aidan Miller and Devin Saltiban played shortstop, Pierce Bennett and Trent Farquhar played second base and Keaton Anthony played first base.  Plenty of arm strength at shortstop with both Miller and Saltiban as well, some mechanical tweaks needed but those will be addressed over the course of time, talent is certainly there to be molded - good stuff.

Got to watch most of the group take batting practice as well.  BP is structured by round to game situations with the last couple rounds being opened up to hit the ball wherever enabled to do so.  Was very impressed with outfielder Avery Owusu-Asiedu.  He’s a huge young man and the ball jumped off the bat today, easy power with multiple drives over the outfield fences.  He seemingly hit every pitch hard as that “sound” of a squared up baseball was consistent, this old observer gets excited when that sound is heard and albeit it’s just BP with pitches delivered with the intention of being hit it still provides evidence of what a batter is capable of.  Really liked the big fella’s BP performance today.  Others who stood out from my view (off to the right side of the cage) were Aidan Miller (the talent is evident, quick and easy pop), Devin Saltiban (quick short swing) and Kehden Hettiger (switch hitter - took most of his swings from left side today - whippy powerful swing - big frame and strong legs).  Those three are teenagers and Owusu-Asiedu is just twenty years old, along with TayShaun Walton who didn’t hit on the field today they form a position player nucleus of young talent which when melded in with players of similar age who are presently at the Dominican Academy, FCL or with the Threshers bodes very well for the future.  Again - good stuff.

Just a few initial impressions to share - take them for what they’re worth considering the source 🤓.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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