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7/7/21 : Just Sayin

When the minor league season starts I rarely if ever write articles about the big club. There are plenty of paid professionals who do so and numerous outlets where folks can read their comments. My focus is on the minor leagues which get far less coverage and interest by the majority of fans, until they bemoan the system at least 🤣.

It’s been my daily practice to get to the complex for the day games to observe the beginning rung of the process when possible and then to watch the full season squads at night on the MILB app … usually simultaneously on three different devices. I have been granted media access to the Threshers games and on occasion will go watch them as well but my preference there is to sit in the stands rather than upstairs so lately I’ve been buying a ticket to attend instead. For those that follow this site each evening the “Minor League Roundup” is published which recaps the games of the day. I pride myself in getting those articles out as soon as possible after the last out of the last game played has been made, my notes are primarily done as I watch each game. Recently Mr. Shenk has chipped in to help with the effort and is now doing the site recaps for the Tuesday thru Thursday games.

Each Monday I produce a “Weekly Standouts” article and also list the leaders on both the offensive side of things and pitching. All of my efforts are done from personal observances and the good old baseball reference site for statistical support. I’m not paid monetarily to do any of this and some may wonder why a 61 year old corporate retiree would work so hard at gathering and providing this information 🧐🤷‍♂️. Sometimes I wonder that myself especially when I read less informed commentary or what I perceive as unnecessary negative remarks made either on my page or on others. Often I’ve made the decision to stop the full blown effort yet I’ve never been able to pull myself away, it’s become redundant how many times I’ve started to do so and then eventually come back 🤪.

I love the game of baseball and have always fancied myself at being good with the written word. It’s those two reasons why I don’t walk away and yes I’m sure there will be continual times of doubt going forward. I hope my passion for the organization comes thru in my writing and that it’s not just perceived as a bunch of numbers. There are people behind those numbers, many of which I’ve come to know a bit … I take that to heart.

I’m often asked “baseball discussion” questions like “Who are your top 30” or is such and such an “Ace”. To be honest I find those types of chats silly and go out of my way to avoid them. “Prospects” lists are entirely subjective and most that are published are based on secondary or even beyond conjecture … as are chats about things like “Aces” 🥴. From my perspective every minor league player has a chance to climb to the ultimate level as long as they are afforded the chance to wear the uniform. I observe their baseball ability, acumen, makeup, reactions to both good and bad performance, team interaction and moxy ( desire ). It’s not just about the numbers in the minor leagues, while numbers are reflections of game successes I’ve learned it’s far from being the true overall evaluation. I will likely never comment on “lists” or win/loss projections, just not my thing.

Perhaps there is no other unpaid individual who’s as deeply embedded in this Phillies pro baseball world who can offer observances on the development part of the organization … for whatever that’s worth. From my perspective it’s not worth a paid position either internal or external to the team but hey that’s not the end game here … at least that’s what I tell myself as well 🤓. “For the love of the game” is often used and perhaps mocked by some … just sayin … there are more than a few of us, I tell myself that as well, that still take that to heart and that’s regardless of rule changes, robotic umpires, technology advances, etc …. To me baseball is still pure good old fashioned fun to play, watch and write about … even if on occasion I get a bit tired of doing so 😎 … I’ve always found my way back 🤪

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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