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8/24/2020 : Phillies Post Game Interviews from Last Evening

Joe Girardi :

He said it was a good win. A great relay exchange by Roman and Didi and play by Andrew Knapp at the plate to end the game. Knapp played the ball by doing everything right, textbook. He was impressed by Heath Hembree, especially the presence of mind on the blooper down the right field line where he covered first base. Said Alec played well at third base, said that he’s really going to hit. Rotation for Washington after off days today : Arrieta, Nola, Howard.

Heath Hembree :

He said he wasn’t really aware of the bullpen situation with the Phillies till he got here, was focused on his job in Boston. In regards to inheriting runners he doesn’t change his approach, just attacks the hitter. He’s comfortable in those situations because he’s done it many times with the Red Sox. In regards to Brandon Workman, he said that he’s tough as nails, that he is both physically and mentally tough ... no question in his mind he will bounce back.

Andrew Knapp :

Regarding the last play ... they felt that Swanson was going to go, the throw took him into the runner. He didn’t think Swanson was going to run him over, he said that most every runner attempts to slide to the back side of the plate. Initially his set up is to not block the plate but when the “do or die” moment arrives he tries to block the plate as best he can. On his reaction afterwards it was a much needed win and his emotions got the better of him. He was excited. Said Hembree has a very good fastball and slider and that catching him was great, he did a good job. Also said that getting the first save for Workman should boost his confidence and that it was big the way Brandon took responsibility the night before with the media about his performance, shows his character.

Alec Bohm :

In regards to his first big league home run, he said three people ( Neil Walker, Tommy Hunter and Phil Gosselin ) predicted he would hit a home run the day before. He got the ball back in a cup of water. He said that Freddy Freeman’s remarks were really cool, it reminded him where he is ( in the big leagues ), very cool. He felt very comfortable at the plate during the game. The final play went really fast, was executed how it’s practiced. He’s going to figure a way to get the HR ball on the plane with it being in a cup of water, a bit of humor from the young fella 🤓.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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