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9/26/2020 : Just Sayin

With the Phillies loss yesterday the chances of making the playoffs have become remote. They must win out and hope the Giants split their remaining two games with San Diego else win one and hope that San Francisco loses two. It’s entirely within the realm of 2020 possibilities that they somehow get in ... in the whackiest of years in my life it wouldn’t be a shock 🤪.

Florida Fall Instructs are due to kick off for each club that trains in the sunshine state during the first full week of October. The Phillies will hold a camp albeit nothing has been officially announced yet. Per MLB guidelines no visitors ( fans ) or media will be allowed to attend. Scouts will also be barred from attendance by most of the clubs. Our esteemed Florida Governor announced yesterday that all hotels and restaurants are now open at full capacity and that all business are allowed to operate at least at 50 percent of capacity. He also stated that masks are not required. His actions will either prove to be idiotic or clairvoyant ... in the balance will be the citizens in the state which will now include an influx of young ballplayers here for Fall Instructs ... MLB, right, wrong or indifferent may have their own self imposed restrictions negated by Florida’s governance decision ... just sayin 🤷‍♂️.

There very likely will be changes made in Phillies baseball management, with the club not able to post a winning season yet again it’s probably inevitable ... if they don’t qualify then moves could be made as early as this coming week. Baseball and Politics ... more often than not you’re hired to be fired. 🤪

Here’s a look at a successful model ...

The Tampa Rays are one of the best run organizations in the game. They are noted for their open mindedness, willingness to promote from within and an embracement of systemic structure. Under owner Stuart Sternberg the club has been to the playoffs six of the sixteen seasons he’s owned the club and has been in post season contention until the final week another seven seasons. He’s inclusive, innovative and committed to developing employees. The Rays have a mandatory community outreach program for all employees and also have incorporated staff led service groups, a wellness program and generous family leave programs ( paid paternal leave and adoption benefits)... all outside the norm. Under Sternberg they embrace allowing employees opportunities, even if those come from other organizations.

Brian Auld has been team president for three seasons but a Rays employee for 15 years having served in various areas of business operations over that time. He began in planning and development. Mathew Silverman is also team president ... he’s been with the club 17 years, 12 of which were spent in baseball operations.

Erik Neander ( 37 years old ) has been VP of baseball operations for four years now. He joined the Rays in 2007 as an intern. Barry Newell joined the Rays in 2017 and was promoted to VP of Baseball Development and Analytics this season. He’s one of five internal senior level promotions the Rays made prior to 2020 season.

The Rays list 80 folks in various leadership roles and assignments in baseball operations including massage therapists, dietitians, systems developers and analysts ... they call their scouts analysts because they are required to be cognizant of the Rays development approach when determining whether players they are scouting can acclimate to it.

Just sayin ... the Rays are a very progressive group that are devoted to internal development both on the field and in their front office. It’s proven to be a successful formula for the past fifteen years. It didn’t happen overnight ... it took a commitment to internal recognition that was unwavering ... still does.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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