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1/14/22 : A Locked Out Feeling

Perhaps like an idiot I renewed my spring training season tickets last week in hopes that we may still see some Grapefruit League games this year. As each day passes and the lockout continues there is more doubt in that regards. It is getting difficult to care as much about the pro game when it seems as if it’s a taken for granted expectation that fans will continue to do so by both sides of the labor dispute. Am very tired of hearing and reading that there’s no urgency to get a deal done, maybe there shouldn’t be any urgency for fans to continue to watch and cheer when they do reach an agreement. 🤢

If spring training is shortened, which now appears more likely, it will adversely impact both the Florida and Arizona economies. On the other hand a delayed camp might reduce the impact of Covid given the hope and anticipation that the pandemic peak will come soon and infection rates will subside. Who knows 🤷‍♂️.

Recently I was asked about the 2022 coaching staffs for the Phillies affiliates, I have some ideas on whom is going where but won’t write about that on this site until the Phillies send out their press release. I’m just a fan who watches and maintains an interest in an inadvertent amount of Phillies baseball. 🤓 I won’t divulge anything I may know ahead of time publicly as it’s simply not my place to do so. Even though there aren’t a lot of followers or readers on this site and speculation might increase interest, it’s just my way of doing this hobby of mine.

I was gonna write an updated series on system depth but there’s been a good many articles out there listing out players in the system recently on multiple other sites. I doubt anyone truly cares what I say anyways, I’m not one to get as technical as others, I only write about what I see or hear directly and I refuse to take a negative approach. Time to step back on writing focus in regards to personal opinion I believe.

That’s it for now, it’s hurry up and wait till the lockout gets settled 🤪. Lockouts effect mindsets as well, just sayin.

Happy Day even if no baseball ⚾️

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1 Comment

Jan 16, 2022

Steve, my heart was broken by the first strike in 81, 82? I rallied back with the 93 Philly Bruisers, and started watching again through the wonderful 2008 season. I gave up on MLB and the NFL when they sold out to the violent and racist Only Black Lives Matter thugs in 2020. I don’t cry a single tear for professional sports anymore, it’s not fun and they don’t care

about old timers like us who used to bring our kids to the games.

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