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1/8/24 : High Performance Camp 2024 - Day One

Today marked the first day of 2024 practices as over seventy players were back to work at Carpenter Complex in Clearwater.  A concurrent camp opened at the Dominican Academy with over fifty players scheduled to participate.

High Performance camps focus primarily on strength and conditioning however in the January versions there’s also baseball activities as well.  Today the training incorporated a twenty minute catch and toss throwing program along the left field line on Carlton Field.  Over the next five weeks more baseball practice activities will be added to the daily camp agenda as progress is made towards minor league mini-camp and spring training.

Each year I marvel at the physical maturity and growth the players make from the year before, we see many of these young men grow up from their teenage years into their twenties and thirties.  Long gone are the days when training camps served the purpose of getting players in shape, these fellas put in the work year around and the camps sharpen the focus.  It’s fun to greet and welcome players, coaches, trainers and front office leadership back and to make acquaintances as well with new personnel.  Initial practices bring new energy along with the hope and anticipation of what’s to come - to me it’s an energetic time of the year, I truly enjoy observing the development process.

So the 2024 player development process has begun, the complex is buzzing again with activity that will generally run thru mid November, it’s one of the advantages of living in the Clearwater area as we get to observe daily. 🤓

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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