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10/1/21 : Fall Instructs Scrimmage

The Phillies Fall Instructs contingent divided into two teams and played a seven inning intra-squad scrimmage today at 2 PM in the stadium. My buddy Jim Peyton and I peered thru the first base side gates to watch.

Fourteen pitchers each threw an inning … Cristian Hernandez, Matt Russell, Carlo Reyes, Konnor Ash, Erubiel Armenta, Carlos Betancourt, Jason Ruffcorn, Drew Baker, JP Woodward, Jose Pena Jr, Rafael Marcano, Malik Binns, Tristan Garnett & Cam Wynne.

Binns and Pena stood out from this fan’s view in regards to pop and swings and misses. Both right hander’s stuff seemed to get on hitters quickly. Russell and Woodward each threw perfect innings. Armenta continues to impress, just really like his delivery and how quickly the ball gets thru the dish … lefty big arm.

Defensive alignments … Herbert Iser and Adony Mejia started behind the dish, Chris Burke & Freddy Francisco relieved them halfway thru.

1B : Rixon Wingrove, TJ Rumfield & Matt Goodheart - Goodheart made a couple nice defensive plays in the 6th inning, one on a running catch down the right field line and another stopping a bullet grounder off the bat of Jordan Viars and making a perfect throw to the pitcher covering first base for the out.

2B : Alexeis Azuaje & Hao Yu Lee

SS : Jamari Baylor & Nicolas Torres

3B : Kendall Simmons & Franmil Minyety

LF : Jared Carr, Logan Cerny & Marcus Lee Sang

CF : Jordan Viars & Ethan Wilson

RF : Baron Radcliff & Gavin Tonkel

Lee Sang saw action in all three outfield spots.

Ethan Wilson was the standout hitter, he homered in the first inning and later doubled. Hao Yu Lee tripled down the right field line, he’s short and quick to the ball, ball jumps when he makes contact. Nicolas Torres doubled. Freddy Francisco homered down the left field line in the bottom of the seventh inning.

The final score was 5-3 with the visiting team on the scoreboard prevailing.

Ethan Wilson - File Photo by Casey Burns

Our View today 🤓

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