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10/14/22 : Euphoria

The excitement generated by a playoff climb is like no other - the outreach and seemingly complete engagement of communities surrounding the team embraces and expands fan bases.  It’s overwhelming spirit generates an adrenaline rush that propels players and teams to excel to peaks perhaps beyond what they ever imagined.

The emptiness of the stands from past failures are filled to the brim with present successes.  Even the most casual observer becomes an impassioned fan as the fever of chasing a championship spreads throughout.  Stadiums become loud again akin to times of past glories - legendary moments are made and forged into history which then become lores of time.  Excitement is generated by the escalating chase to reach the pinnacle of the adventure.

Success alleviates divide - corners fold into the middle and the middle rolls outward - a circle surrounds and bonds are formed.  In the heat of battles team energy is found driving towards a  common goal and overtakes doubt. The little things that some perhaps thought didn’t matter become large in the encapsulation.

I’ve seen it before - witnessed the joy of others as it occurs.  It can arise diametrically from the depths of struggle as well as the consistency of success.  Once found it’s not guaranteed to continue nor patented in form.  There’s no true definition or pattern to follow - it happens and for those able to grab hold it’s euphoric.

As an outsider looking in I’m happy for the Phillies that the euphoria has returned - am appreciative for the fans that are able to  participate and feel absorbed within it, am pleased for the city and it’s surrounding communities that they’ve once again become the showcase of rekindled passion.

October 14th, 2022 brought all of that to light once again - the energy, the drive, the result.  There’s more to be found - more to be had - more to embrace.  It’s what Red October is meant to be - it’s baseball in the purest form and at it’s best. May the good times roll.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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