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11/12/23 : Rule 5 Protection Decisions & Other Notes

By my count (using Fan-graphs as a source) there are 57 Phillies minor league players presently eligible for the 2023 Rule 5 draft (listed below).  In order to avoid being exposed to both the major and minor league portions of the Rule 5 draft players must be added to the major league 40 man roster.  The deadline to add players to the 40-man roster to protect them is 11/14/23, 6 p.m. ET.  In order to be protected solely from the minor league portion of the Rule 5 draft a maximum of 38 players may be added to the off-season minor league protected roster, same deadline.

Players chosen in the major league portion of the Rule 5 draft must remain on the active big league roster unless injured.  Those chosen in the minor league portion of the draft can be activated at any level.  Last season the Phillies lost five players in the minor league portion of the Rule 5 draft and claimed seven that they added to their minor league roster.  They also claimed RHP Noah Song in the major league portion of the draft before returning him to Boston later.  Prior to the draft the minor league protected roster list is generally not made public.

Roster guessing is something I don’t take part in however I will chat about a few Phillies players who will garner discussions in other organizations if exposed.  I anticipate that trading some of ours is likely to occur as well before the 6 PM deadline akin to how the Phillies recently obtained RHP Michael Mercado from the Rays and placed him on the 40 man roster since Tampa didn’t want to expose him to the draft and not get anything in return.

Oliver Dunn has played himself into a very good spot.  He had an outstanding season with Reading and was just chosen as the “breakout player of the year” in the Arizona Fall League.  Oliver is primarily a second baseman but can also play both left field and third base.  He’s as ready as anyone on the list below to be able to stick on a major league roster if exposed and then selected in the major league portion of the draft.  It’s my belief he will get an opportunity to be a big leaguer, with a real possibility that occurs via trade to another organization before Tuesday’s deadline.

Outfielder Carlos De La Cruz and infielder Matt Kroon are versatile defensive players that other organizations might consider, both also have offensive skill sets that can translate to the big leagues.  At this point Matt is further advanced than Carlos, it’s uncertain that either will be added to the Phillies 40 man roster, they too may be trade considerations prior to Tuesday’s deadline.

Pitchers Jordi Martinez, Dominic Pipkin, Tyler McKay, Carlos Francisco and Cristian Hernandez all had good seasons and fit the bill for relievers that are generally taken in the major league portion of the draft.  Each has shown capability to be major league contributors.  If they are exposed it’s a matter of whether another organization believes that they can perform at the big league level now. Starters Rafael Marcano, Samuel Aldegheri, Jean Cabrera and bulk reliever Eiberson Castellano also have displayed some big league skillsets however they spent the majority of their time at the A level of play this past season, not as likely they would be selected to be placed on a major league active roster.

Phillies minor leaguers currently eligible for 2023 Rule 5 drafts :

LHP: Samuel Aldegheri, Jordan Fowler, Erubiel Armenta, Gabriel Cotto, Keylan Killgore, Taylor Lehman, Rafael Marcano, Jordi Martinez, David Parkinson.

RHP: Luis Alcala, Carlos Betancourt, Blake Brown, Starlyn Castillo, Jean Cabrera, Eiberson Castellano, Carlos A. Francisco, Javier Fuenmayor, Cristian Hernandez, Gunner Mayer, Tyler McKay, Oswald Medina, Jonathan Petit, Dominic Pipkin, Andrew Schultz, Brett Schulze, Eduar Segovia, Noah Skirrow, Giussepe Velasquez, Ezequiel Ventura.

Catchers: Jose Colmenarez, Arturo De Freitas, Herbert Iser, Jorge Mendez, Andrick Nava, Jackie Pertuz, Cody Roberts, Brahian Silvia.

Infielders: Erick Brito, Oliver Dunn, Diego Gonzalez, Wilfredo Flores, Matt Kroon, Jehisbert Sevilla, Fernando Hernandez, Casey Martin, Jarol Martinez, Pedro Martinez, Nick Podkul, Kendall Simmons, Rixon Wingrove.

Outfielders: Carlos De La Cruz, Jose Leanez, Marcus Lee Sang, Baron Radcliff, Leandro Pineda, Ricardo Rosario, Cal Stevenson.

Other Notes :

Often times minor league players on the “bubble” of major league service are pursued by international leagues.  It can be lucrative financially and also a way to establish a more distinguished platform for future major league consideration upon return.  It’s not an easy decision however as it means going abroad and living in a foreign country and culture.  RHP Jeff Hoffman had to make such a decision this past season and decided to stay stateside, it worked out well for both him and the Phillies.  The Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks of the Nippon League in Japan have interest in acquiring 1B Darick Hall along with former Phillies catcher Jorge Alfaro.  Nothing has been decided as of yet nor do I know if either player is giving it serious consideration.  Just know that Fukuoka’s interest is genuine.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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