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2/2/23 : The Truck

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

The equipment trucks for spring training were loaded and have departed for Clearwater from Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.  When my wife Barb and I moved to the Clearwater area in 2016 we started a tradition of being at the complex early in the morning on the day the trucks arrived for unloading.  We have taken pictures over the years, posted videos and even were interviewed once by a Tampa TV station - the silly old Phillies fan being the only non employees in the parking lot waiting to greet the truck 🤓.  One year Phinley ( the Threshers mascot ) came out on the sidewalk with us as we waved to the driver. 😎.  We’ve even made friends with Jameson Hall - the Phillies Team Travel Manager who gives us the heads up the truck is near.

I know it’s a silly tradition but am still hopeful of continuing it this year - we’d even help unload it if they’d let us 🥸.

So - the truck has departed - stay tuned over the next couple of days to see if our tradition continues.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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The Spring Training equipment trucks have departed

A prior year truck arrival 😃

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