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2/28/22 : Today at the Complex - Mini Camp Day Twelve

A overcast weather day with even a few rain drops as specific group instruction was the call of the morning with lectures and drills on outfield throws to the plate ( from RF on Roberts Field ) to base running leads off third base, sliding techniques, catcher’s framing, receiving throws to the bags in the infield ( pitching machines used for the drill ) and an infielder’s motion drill using tennis balls ( soft tossed by a coach as players moved laterally and then finished with over the shoulder tracking catches ). Batting practice on Ashburn and Carlton Fields finished the practices on the diamonds with bullpens on the seven mounds in front of the David Montgomery Center the final practice events of the day.

Alexeis Azuaje crushed a ball during BP on Ashburn Field over the left field fence, it made a loud boom sound when I think it hit a dumpster alongside the stadium wall. Alexeis flexed his muscle to the delight of teammates afterwards - good to see the fellas having fun 🤓.

Dalton Guthrie, Madison Stokes, Chris Burke, Wendell Rios and Hao Yu Lee were full participants in practice workouts this morning including BP. Multiple new arrivals yesterday and today - that will continue as full minor league spring training is on the horizon this week. Waving hello to the fellas is a pleasure we’ve not had for a long while - good to see them all coming back.

Camp Spotlight :

Alexeis Azuaje - will be 20 years old in April - signed 7/2/18 as an international free agent - Ocurmare del Tuy, Venezuela. Our first look was during 2019 Fall Instructs, saw a quick bat with pop, that played out again in 2021 as Alexeis hit three home runs in the final week of FCL play, season was abbreviated due to Covid issues at the Complex. Envision him as a second or third baseman but he can also play shortstop and first base. I think that he is capable of being a very solid bat and defender as he continues to progress. He’s had an impressive stint in mini camp, see him as a regular with the Clearwater Threshers coming out of this year’s spring training.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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