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3/19/23 : Grapefruit League Lineup & Minor League reserves for today

Phillies ( 12-9-1 ) vs Red Sox ( 11-7 ) @ Clearwater

Lineup :

Bryson Stott - 2B

Rhys Hoskins - 1B

Nick Castellanos - RF

Edmundo Sosa - CF

Dalton Guthrie - SS

Jim Haley - 3B

Weston Wilson - LF

Aramis Garcia - C

Cody Roberts - DH

Luis Ortiz - P

Minor League Call-Ups : 17 - note that these players are reserves ( may not play )

IF Carlos De La Cruz

IF Cameron Cannon

IF Pedro Martinez

IF McCarthy Tatum

IF Ty Penner

OF Dustin Peterson

OF Cade Fergus

OF Garrett Whitley

OF Troy Schreffler

C Arturo DeFreitas

LHP Jakob Hernandez

RHP Trey Cobb

LHP Taylor Lehman

RHP Hans Crouse

LHP Kyle Hart

LHP Keylan Killgore

RHP Adam Leverett

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