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3/29/23 : Minor League CBA

Per Jeff Passan (ESPN) on twitter :

“BREAKING: A deal is in place between the minor league players in the MLBPA and Major League Baseball on the historic first collective-bargaining agreement for minor leaguers, union officials tell ESPN. Deal is five years and includes at least 2x pay at all levels of the minors.

Details on pay increases in the minor leagues:

Complex league: From $4,800 per year to $19,800

Low-A: $11,000 to $26,200

High-A: $11,000 to $27,300

AA: $13,800 to $30,250

AAA: $17,500 to $35,800

Players will be paid almost year-round, aside from a six-week break in the winter.

Because this is the first CBA for minor leaguers, there are tons of details to sift through. Player leaders have ratified the deal, and it is tentative until the rank-and-file agree, which the union expects. Similarly, MLB owners need to agree after the league office negotiated.

The Domestic Reserve List, which governs the maximum number of players in an organization outside of Latin America, will be reduced starting in the 2024 season from 180 to 165. The league has sought a reduction in the reserve list since the major league negotiations last year.”

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