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4/23/23 : Week Three Minor League Review (4/18 to 4/23)

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Most every Monday for the Phillies minor league full season affiliates is a scheduled off day.  They get to re-charge before starting on a stretch of six games the next day.  Here’s a spot light on players who stood out this past week.

AAA Level : Lehigh Valley : 4-2 for the week against Worcester, 9-11 overall - 4/25/23 at Jacksonville  - six games

Scores :

Tuesday : 6-2 Loss

Wednesday : 12-10 Win

Thursday : 7-4 Loss

Friday : 4-3 Win

Saturday : Rained Out

Sunday : 5-4 Win, 9-3 Win

Total Runs Scored : 36

Total Runs Against : 33

Position Players :

John Hicks went 8 for 16 (.500) with 4 singles and 4 doubles, he had a four hit game on Wednesday.  Esteban Quiroz was an on base machine reaching base 12 times (five hits, 6 walks, 1 HBP) in 25 plate appearances (.480 OBP).  Simon Muzziotti went 7 for 20 (.350 ) during the week with 5 RBIs.  Vimael Machín reached base 9 times in 25 PA’s posting a .360 OBP.  Jhailyn Ortiz reached base 6 times in 16 plate appearances (.375 OBP) with three singles, a home run and two walks.   Scott Kingery reached base at a .333 OBP clip going 8 for 24 with five singles, a triple and two walks.  Weston Wilson had a double and two home runs during the week and posted five RBIs.  In the two games he played Vito Friscia was 4 for 6 with two singles and two home runs, he drove in three runs.

Standout YTD Stats :

Simon Muzziotti is hitting .328 (22 for 67) with a .343 OBP in 70 plate appearances.  Esteban Quiroz has a .425 OBP in 80 plate appearances, he’s got 16 hits and a whopping 17 walks.  Dalton Guthrie has a .400 OBP in 75 PA’s.  Vimael Machín is at .388 in OBP in 85 PA’s. John Hicks has a .346 OBP in 53 PA’s.  Jordan Qsar has 4 dingers and 17 RBIs, he’s reached base at a .344 percentage in 61 PA’s.  Weston Wilson has 5 home runs and 12 RBIs and Scott Kingery’s eight stolen bases leads the team with John Hicks a surprising second at seven, as a team the Iron Pigs are tied for the league lead in swipes with Worcester at 37 each.

Pitchers :

On Tuesday James McArthur went five innings allowing one run on five hits and no walks, he struck out six batters.  The heater was up to 95 mph for James who also threw a curve, changeup and cutter.   Francisco Morales threw a perfect frame in relief, his sinker, was 95 to 97 mph, also threw a cutter.  On Wednesday Noah Skirrow turned in another strong performance going 4 1/3 scoreless frames. In Thursday’s action Francisco Morales had another strong relief outing going two scoreless allowing no hits and just one walk, he struck out five batters, sinker was 93 to 96 mph with life and he also threw his slider and cutter.  Yunior Marte struck out the side in a perfect seventh inning, his fastball was 97 to 98 mph.  In Friday’s win Michael Plassmeyer went six innings as the starter allowing just two runs, he struck out seven batters.  Jakob Hernandez pitched a perfect 8th inning.  Jesus Cruz pitched a scoreless 9th and 10th inning.  Trey Cobb tossed a scoreless 11th inning. On Saturday in a twin bill sweep in game one Hans Crouse pitched two scoreless frames in relief allowing just two walks while striking out three batters.  Francisco Morales closed, 94 to 96 mph with his sinker.  In game two McKinley Moore pitched 1 1/3 innings of scoreless relief, Jakob Hernandez pitched a scoreless frame in the sixth inning. Jesus Cruz finished it with a scoreless seventh inning.

Standout YTD Stats :

Francisco Morales has a 1.03 WHIP in seven appearances (nine and two thirds IP) with 12 K’s and two walks. Noah Skirrow has pitched in three games (two starts) and has a 1.08 WHIP and 2.77 ERA in thirteen IP.  Jakob Hernandez has pitched in eight games and has a 0.96 WHIP in nine and one third IP.  Jeff Hoffman has posted 12 K’s in six and two thirds IP and has consistently been in the 97 to 99 mph range, he’s been scored upon (seven ER in six and two thirds IP) but has also been in process of learning a cutter and new grips on a couple other pitches, numbers don’t always tell the entire story, just sayin 🤓.

AA Level : Reading : 2-4 for the week against Portland, 4-11 overall - 4/25/23 @ home vs  Altoona - six games

Scores :

Tuesday : 3-1 Win

Wednesday : 4-3 Loss

Thursday : 5-2 Loss

Friday : 10-1 Win

Saturday : 3-2 Loss

Sunday : 6-1 Loss

Total Runs Scored : 21

Total Runs Against : 20

Position Players :

Oliver Dunn posted a .391 OBP (nine for twenty three) for the week with five hits including three in Friday’s game and four walks. Cam Cannon on base 8 times in 21 PA’s (.380 OBP) with six hits and two walks, he had two doubles and a three hit game on Friday.

Standout YTD Stats :

Oliver Dunn has a .414 OBP and .320 batting average in 58 plate appearances, 50 AB’s.  Matt Kroon has a .358 OBP in 53 PA’s Carlos De La Cruz has three home runs.

Pitchers :

On Tuesday Ethan Lindow pitched very well as the starter, he went five scoreless innings allowing just two hits and two walks while striking out four batters.  Keylan Killgore pitched two perfect frames in first relief striking out four batters.  Brett Schulze threw a perfect 8th inning with two strikeouts. Max Kuhns closed the win. On Wednesday Braden Zarbnisky pitched three scoreless innings of relief allowing only a walk, he struck out three batters. Andrew Baker threw a scoreless frame. In Thursday’s loss Cristian Hernandez went two innings in relief allowing a run on two hits, he walked none and struck out three batters. Andrew Schultz pitched 2 1/3 scoreless frames - two hits allowed, one hit batter and three strikeouts.  On Friday in a lopsided win starter Mick Abel went 4 2/3 innings allowing one run on three hits and two walks, he struck out five batters, velo was mid to upper nineties on the heater.  Taylor Lehman went 2 1/3 scoreless innings in first relief, Andrew Baker threw two scoreless innings posting four strikeouts to close out the game. In Saturday’s 3-2 loss Josh Hendrickson went four innings as the starter allowing two runs on six hits and two walks, he struck out five batters.  Zach Linginfelter went 1 2/3 innings of scoreless relief, his first inning was a perfect frame. Brett Schulze was tagged with an unearned run in 1 1/3 innings of work striking out two batters.  Max Kuhns tossed a perfect eighth inning.  On Sunday David Parkinson went 4 2/3 innings allowing two runs (one earned) on five hits and two walks, he struck out eight hitters. Braden Zarbnisky went 1 1/3 scoreless, Andrew Schultz threw a scoreless 8th inning.

Standout YTD Stats :

Brett Schulze has a 0.60 WHIP in five appearances (six and two thirds IP) with 13 K’s and no walks, he’s pitched multiple innings in three of his outings. Braden Zarbnisky has a 0.86 WHIP in five appearances (nine and one third  IP), Tyler McKay a 0.83 WHIP in five games (six IP), Taylor Lehman a 0.89 WHIP in five games (nine IP) and Max Kuhns a 1.00 WHIP in four games (four. IP).

Defensive Gem :

In the third inning of Tuesday’s game Portland’s Tyler McDonough singled to center field to score a run, on the play he tried to advance to second base when he saw the bag vacant however first baseman Carlos De La Cruz followed him and center fielder Johan Rojas threw a strike to De La Cruz who tagged McDonough out!  It was impressive on two notes, De La Cruz is new to the first base position and to display the baseball savvy to follow the runner should make his coaches proud, secondly Rojas was heads up to lead Carlos with his throw - good stuff.

High A Level : Jersey Shore : 4-1 for the week against Aberdeen, 6-8 overall - 4/25/23 @ home vs  Brooklyn - six games

Scores :

Tuesday : 9-8 Loss

Wednesday : 9-5 Win

Thursday : 6-3 Win

Friday : 4-3 Win

Saturday : Rained Out

Sunday : 8-5 Win

Total Runs Scored : 35

Total Runs Against : 25

Position Players :

Rixon Wingrove  had a great week going 7 for 19 (.368) with 3 home runs and 9 RBIs, he hit two home runs in Wednesday’s game. Marcus Lee Sang was 6 for 17 (.353) with two doubles, a home run and six RBIs - Marcus has a eight game hitting streak going (11 for 35 - .314) and has also played stellar defense in center field all season. Nick Ward reached base 9 times in 20 plate appearances (.450 OBP) with four hits, four walks and a HBP.  Leandro Pineda reached base in 8 of 19 plate appearances (three singles,HR,four walks) for a .421 OBP and posted five RBIs.   Wilfredo Flores was 6 for 13 (.462) in the three games he played. Troy Schreffler reached base in 5 of 12 plate appearances (.417 OBP), Jamari Baylor was 3 for 6 (.500) in the two games he played and also drew two walks for a .625 OBP.

Standout YTD Stats :

Nick Ward has a .475 OBP in 59 plate appearances including 13 walks, he also has two home runs and ten RBIs, he’s scored 13 runs and has posted a .318 batting average in 44 AB’s.  Marcus Lee Sang has posted a .400 OBP in 60 PA’s and has 3 doubles, a home run and 10 RBIs.  Hao Yu Lee has a .377 OBP in 61 PA’s with 11 walks.  Rixon Wingrove has 3 home runs and 9 RBIs in 48 AB’s and a .364 OBP in 55 plate appearances. In limited playing time Troy Schreffler has scored 12 runs in 33 plate appearances and has a .455 OBP, he’s trails only Nick Ward (seven) for the club lead in stolen bases with six. Jamari Baylor has a .429 OBP in 28 plate appearances.  Casey Martin has 4 doubles and a .339 OBP in 59 plate appearances, he’s also tripled and homered.

Pitchers :

On Tuesday Tristan Garnett and Tommy McCollum each threw scoreless frames in relief.  On Wednesday Chase Antle served as the opener and tossed a scoreless first inning.  Carlos Betancourt pitched very well in relief going three innings, his slider was an out pitch as he posted five punch outs. Carlos Francisco pitched two perfect innings and posted two strikeouts. Jordi Martinez closed out a win with a scoreless ninth inning.  In Thursday’s win Starter Jordan Fowler went five innings allowing one run on four hits and three walks.  Rodolfo Sanchez threw a scoreless frame in relief.  Tristan Garnett pitched a scoreless eighth inning.  On Friday in a 4-3 win Alex Garbrick went 1 1/3 innings in relief, stranded an inherited runner and yielded one unearned run. Cam Wynne pitched a scoreless frame.  Matt Russell pitched two scoreless frames allowing two hits and striking out two batters. Jordi Martinez dominated the ninth inning striking out all three batters he faced to seal the victory.  On Sunday Carlos Betancourt pitched 1 2/3 scoreless innings in relief, Jason Ruffcorn and Carlos Francisco combined for a scoreless eighth inning.  Tommy McCollum pitched a perfect ninth inning with two strikeouts to seal the win.

Standout YTD Stats :

Tommy McCollum has a 0.83 WHIP in six appearances (six IP) with twelve strikeouts and a 1.50 ERA.  Tristan Garnett has a 1.17 WHIP in seven appearances (seven and two thirds IP).  Jordi Martinez has 10 K’s and just one walk in five appearances (six IP) as a back end reliever and has recorded a save. Carlos Betancourt has a 1.16 WHIP in 10 1/3 innings pitched.

Low A Level : Clearwater : 4-2 for the week against Tampa, 9-6 overall - 4/25/23 @ home vs  St. Lucie - six games

Scores :

Tuesday : 8-4 Win

Wednesday : 10-2 Loss

Thursday : 6-3 Win

Friday : 4-2 Win

Saturday : 7-6 Loss

Sunday : 12-3 Win

Total Runs Scored : 38

Total Runs Against : 29

Position Players :

Caleb Ricketts had a huge week going 10 for 24 (.417) with a two hit game on Tuesday, a four hit game on Thursday and a three hit game on Sunday.  He clubbed two doubles and a triple and had seven RBIs.  Cole Moore had a .435 OBP (10 for 23) for the week with five hits including a double and home run, four RBIs and five walks.  Erick Brito posted a .368 OBP (7 for 19) and had a triple and three RBIs during the week.  Freylin Minyety went 6 for 12 (.500) with three doubles and two RBIs.  Ricardo Rosario was promoted from the Player Development Center on Friday and promptly reached base in 8 of 15 plate appearances (.533 OBP) with three hits, three walks and two hit by pitches. Justin Crawford was 4 for 9 (.444) and posted a .545 OBP in three games played.  Jordan Dissin was 3 for 8 (.375) with three RBIs in three games played.

Standout YTD Stats :

Caleb Ricketts has a .319 batting average (15 for 47) with 10 RBIs.  Gabriel Rincones Jr has a .365 OBP in 63 plate appearances with ten walks, he’s hit four doubles and two home runs.  Emaarion Boyd has a .385 OBP in 49 PA’s and has 9 stolen bases in 11 attempts. Erick Brito has a .410 OBP in 40 PA’s and a .324 batting average in 34 AB’s.

Pitchers :

On Tuesday Nick Nelson, in a major league rehab assignment, pitched the first two innings, six up, six down for him, two by strikeout. He threw fastball (92-94 mph), changeup and slider as his twenty pitch (15 strikes) repertoire. Jaydenn Estanista went 3 1/3 innings in relief, heater flashed 96 mph, Andrew Walling went 1 2/3 frames, his four seamer hit 97 mph.  Jack Dallas threw a scoreless eighth inning. Orion Kerkering sat 98 to 99 mph with his sinker in a scoreless ninth to seal the win. On Wednesday Jonathan Petit pitched 1 2/3 innings of scoreless relief in his first appearance for the Threshers this season.  Eduar Segovia went 2 1/3 scoreless innings in relief allowing one hit and one walk, he struck out five batters.  Josh Bortka threw a perfect frame with two strikeouts.

In Thursday’s win starter Alex McFarlane went three innings allowing one run on three hits and two walks, he struck out five batters, sinker and four seamer range was 94 to 99 mph, he also threw a slider, changeup and cutter.  Jonh Henriquez continued to impress, he pitched three scoreless innings allowing two hits and two walks with one strikeout throwing a cutter, changeup, four seamer and slider, velocity on the heater was 92 to 95 mph.   Wesley Moore closed out the win with two scoreless innings using a changeup, sinker (93 to 95 mph) and curve.  On Friday in a 4-2 win starter Alex Rao went three innings yielding one run on three hits, he struck out three batters.  Jean Cabrera went three innings yielding an unearned run on four hits and a walk, he struck out three batters, fastball was up to 96 mph for Jean.  Wen Hui Pan pitched two scoreless innings allowing just a walk and striking out four batters, he threw six different pitches with the heat in the 97 to 99 mph range.  Orion Kerkering (99 to 100 mph fast ball) pitched a perfect ninth inning to close out the win.

In Saturday’s game Nick Nelson started and went 2 2/3 scoreless innings allowing three hits and no walks, he struck out three batters, velocity range of 93 to 95 mph with his four seamer.  Yoniel Ramirez pitched 1 1/3 innings, retiring all four hitters he faced, striking out one.  On Sunday in a 12-3 win Braeden Fausnaught went four innings as the starter yielding two runs on four hits and two walks, he struck out four batters. Josh Bortka, Seth Nightingale, Andrew Walling and Jack Dallas each pitched a scoreless frame.  Wesley Moore closed it with two strikeouts in the ninth, an unearned run scored.

Standout YTD Stats :

Orion Kerkering has a 0.40 WHIP and 0.00 ERA in five appearances allowing just one hit and one walk while punching out nine batters in five innings pitched.  Wesley Moore has a 0.67 WHIP and 0.00 ERA in five appearances (six IP) allowing just two hits and two walks while striking out nine batters. Jonh Henriquez in four appearances (eight and one third IP) has posted a 0.72 WHIP and 1.08 ERA while Jack Dallas in five appearances (seven and one third IP) has a 0.00 ERA and 1.09 WHP.

Samuel Aldegheri has 17 K’s in 10 2/3 IP while Alex McFarlane (nine and two thirds IP) and Eduar Segovia (eight and two thirds IP) each have 15 K’s.

Player Development Training Center : 2-0-1 in Extended Spring Games

Scores :

Tuesday : 3-1 Win - Blue Jays

Wednesday : 5-5 Tie - Yankees

Friday : 5-3 Win - Blue Jays

Runs Scored : 13

Runs Against : 9

Position Players :

Kendall Simmons went 4 for 12 (.333) with a double, 2 home runs and 3 RBIs.  Gavin Tonkel went 3 for 6 (.500) with two singles and a double.  Leonardo Rondon was 3 for 5 (.600) with three singles.  Jackie Pertuz was 2 for 5, Ryan Leitch 2 for 4 and Ricardo Rosario 2 for 5.

Pitchers :

On Tuesday in a win Daniel Mejia started at Carpenter Complex against the Blue Jays and pitched two innings (1R, 3 H, 1 BB, 2 K’s)  followed by Jake McKenna (2 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 BB, 1 K), Giussepe Velasquez ( 2 perfect IP, 2 K’s), Matt Seelinger (2 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 BB, 4 K’s) and Albertus Barber (1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 BB, 0 K’s). McKenna impressed by “pitching backwards” featuring his curve ball.  Velasquez and Seelinger were both sharp.  Barber pumped strikes in the ninth to close it out, good life on his pitches.  Wednesday in Tampa agains the Yankees Estibenzon Jimenez started on the mound and pitched two scoreless innings (one BB, one K).

On Friday RHP Jose Peña Jr started at Carpenter Complex vs the Blue Jays and was very good going three scoreless innings, best we’ve seen him in a long while allowing two hits and a walk while striking out three.  Jose pitched with composure, a sharp focus and attacked the strike zone.  The stuff has always been strong, when coupled with getting it over the dish consistently he’s got the capability to put up consistent zeros on the scoreboard.  Lefty Jake McKenna had his second consecutive good outing going 1 2/3 scoreless innings, pitch mix was a bit different than earlier in the week with more two seamers, had really good life, quite a few swing and misses, especially up in the zone.  Jake’s length (6’6”) is a distinctive advantage ala Bailey Falter, the release point is different than Bailey’s but the ball gets on the hitter quickly.  Matt Seelinger had a dominant outing, five strikeouts in two frames allowing just a hit and a walk and Albertus Barber closed with a perfect frame, again very good life on his pitches.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

Tommy McCollum, Caleb Ricketts, Jonh Henriquez, Wen Hui Pan, Rixon Wingrove, John Hicks & Orion Kerkering - photos by Michael Dolcemascolo, Rebecca Alexander and Cheryl Pursell

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