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4/8/21 : Minor League Camp

The Phillies minor league spring training camp has been ongoing since this past Saturday. Similar to the Big League version the workouts are staggered into smaller groups and daily check in’s along with twice a week intake tests are required.

There are morning and afternoon workouts and the complex continues to operate in a bubble with no admittance other than to the players and support staff.

We’ve noticed that generally the morning groups are the more experienced players while the afternoons are seemingly the first or second year guys however that’s just an observation from afar ... the work groups are limited in size so unlike in past year’s training camps it’s difficult to determine which groups might be designated as AA, High A or Low A ... even in past years those groupings weren’t always completely aligned in that manner. 🤷‍♂️

Today Mark Wylie joined us and took photos. It was an abbreviated session where all groups were there in the AM so as to allow time in the afternoon for Covid vaccinations for those who chose to get them. Here in Florida the age eligibility requirement has been lowered to sixteen so everyone in camp is certainly eligible. Hopefully most got their shots today as we continue to push towards the “magic number” of herd immunity.

A shout out to Ron Miller as well, he’s even more passionate about baseball than I am and arrives each day to watch camp from beyond the fences with binoculars in tow and alligators near by 🤫. Ron has a grand son in camp and is a diligent supporter. Kudos 👏.

So without further ado here are some photos from this morning’s workout.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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