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5/29/21 : Just Sayin

It’s been called to my attention more than once ... that I “work” too hard on this blog and that I should either discontinue providing it for free else not do it at all. As many of you know I also provide the same notes to Phillies personnel, whether they read or value them or not isn’t evident, I don’t seek feedback. I’ve never received any realistic offers for employment of any sort in this endeavor. There have been “fun” discussions but nothing of merit. Is what it is.

Thing is I started doing this after I retired, ( at the ripe old age of 55 ... even there I’ve gotten remarks recently that it’s people like me who retire early that are the problem with the world 🤷‍♂️), I had no intention to make writing about baseball a job or an endeavor where I was concerned about building a following. My intent was to create a forum of “positive thoughts” in regards to baseball and the Phillies, I don’t get into back and forth debate or discussions ... just post game results, observations and where I see upside.

Recently I was told that I was too close to the people involved and that I was not critical enough. That’s likely true in some folks view but after spending 32 years in corporate America as a decision maker where the stress of daily reviews that often determined other people’s futures was sometimes overwhelming I wasn’t looking to continue that function into my hobby. Baseball has been a lifelong passion for me and I believe I have a very good understanding of the game but it’s not now or ever likely will be my profession ... offering critique isn’t something I seek to do. There are plenty of forums where self proclaimed experts do such things, often times without ever witnessing whom or what they remark on. It’s been my initiative to watch, listen and learn about the game, the people and the skill sets but it’s not my place to disclaim their dreams of reaching the top of the profession. I could do that but for what purpose 🤔🤷‍♂️.

That’s not to say I don’t submit proposals on occasion, I’ve made suggestions on structure and the creation of positions to the team. Some have come to fruition either in tandem or later over the course of time. Whether they were prompted by my proposals we will never know, I don’t seek any credit ... in many folks views that’s likely a weakness on my part as well 🤦‍♂️.

Over the course of time some excellent photographers have allowed me to use their photos on this site. I try to tag each one as best I can so that there’s proper credit given for their efforts. I think the photos are the highlight of the site and that’s evidenced by the number of views each gets.

Long story short ... just venting. What I do is a hobby, it may seem like work to others but to a person like myself who has no real comprehension of “relaxing” or for that matter a desire to do so it’s enjoyable. I don’t get paid but have no desire to be paid, I don’t think what I do is even worth a monetary value. The books I’ve written are not money makers, folks who know me also know I give a majority of them away for free. If that’s stupid then so be it.

In a world where seemingly folks have an opinion on most everything whether they are knowledgeable or not this forum is basically my view on the Phillies ... it’s all it is. That’s why the title is “A Fan’s View”. Whether it has worth of some sort, well that’s in the opinion of others to determine. I’m not seeking that retribution.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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