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5/7/23 : Week Five Minor League Review (5/2 to 5/7)

A winning week for the four affiliates as they went a combined 19-5.  Clearwater swept their series and has a thirteen game winning streak, they are getting great play all around.

Reading’s Carlos De La Cruz, Johan Rojas and Ethan Wilson had outstanding weeks hitting two,three and four respectively in the batting order, collectively they were 36 for 77 (.468) with six doubles, a triple, five home runs and twenty two RBIs.  The Hartford broadcasters said it was the biggest output by hitters in the two thru four slots they can remember in a week. 😳

For Lehigh Valley Jake Cave continued to stroke the baseball regardless of venue, Simon Muzziotti remained sizzling hot .  Marcus Lee Sang, Kendall Simmons and Hao Yu Lee had strong weeks in North Carolina for Jersey Shore and Caleb Ricketts remained as hot as the Florida sun for Clearwater.

Mick Abel continued to shine on the mound for Reading as did Tyler Phillips.  Clearwater got strong pitching performances from multiple hurlers.  Nick Nelson, Ranger Suarez and Andrew Bellatti all pitched well in their two rehab appearances each during the week.  Griff McGarry returned to the hill as well with a rehab inning for Clearwater.  TJ Zeuch threw a complete game (seven innings) for a win for Lehigh Valley.

All described below and more.

AAA Level : Lehigh Valley : 5-1 for the week against Syracuse , 17-15 overall - 5/9/23 @ home vs  Memphis - six games

Scores :

Tuesday : 9-7 Win

Wednesday : PPD - Weather

Thursday : 6-4 Win

Friday : 10-9 Loss

Saturday : 5-1 Win & 4-0 Win

Sunday : 8-4 Win

Total Runs Scored : 41

Total Runs Against : 26

Position Players :

Standout Stats :

Jake Cave - 9 for 22 (.409) with 3 doubles, 3 walks and 2 RBIs - .480 OBP

Simon Muzziotti - 8 for 21 (.381) with a triple, HR and 5 RBIs - 3 walks - .458 OBP

Weston Wilson - 7 for 21 (.333) with 3 doubles, 2 HR and 10 RBIs - 6 walks - .464 OBP

Jordan Qsar - .429 OBP (five hits and four walks in 21 PA’s) with a double, triple, HR and 4 RBIs

Recap :

On Tuesday Simon Muzziotti had three singles.  Esteban Quiroz, John Hicks and Dustin Peterson each had two hits. Jim Haley & Esteban Quiroz doubled. Dustin Peterson homered.  On Thursday Jhailyn Ortiz went three for four (two singles & a double).  Jim Haley had two singles.  Jake Cave doubled, Weston Wilson homered.

On Friday Weston Wilson had two doubles.  Jake Cave had two hits (single & double).  Simon Muzziotti tripled and walked three times. Jordan Qsar and Vimael Machin homered.  In Saturday’s game one of a doubleheader Jake Cave and Simon Muzziottieach had two hits.  Jordan Qsar tripled.  Muzziotti and Qsar each had two RBIs.  In the second game Scott Kingery had two hits (single & HR).

On Sunday Jake Cave went 3 for 4 and also walked, he doubled and scored twice.  Weston Wilson had two knocks (double & HR) and a walk, he scored twice and had five RBIs.  Jordan Qsar doubled.  Simon Muzziotti homered.

Pitchers :

Standout Stats :

TJ Zeuch - complete game on Saturday - seven IP, 1 R, 4 H, 3 BB, 1 K - 94 pitches - 55 strikes.

Jake Jewell - made three appearances - two and 2/3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 2 BB, 1 K.

Ranger Suarez - two appearances - seven IP, 1 R, 4 H, 1 BB, 4 K’s - 0.71 WHIP

Recap :

On Tuesday Ranger Suarez started his second MLB rehab appearance (first was with Reading) and threw two scoreless innings allowing just a walk, he struck out one batter.  Four hurlers pitched behind Suarez, Jake Jewell stood out by pitching a scoreless seventh inning.  On Thursday starter  Noah Skirrow went six innings, Jakob Hernandez pitched a scoreless seventh.  Erich Uelmen pitched a perfect ninth inning to seal the win.  In Friday’s extra inning loss Christopher Sanchez pitched very well going 5 1/3 innings allowing two runs on six hits and two walks, he struck out four hitters.  Jake Jewell stranded three inherited runners in the seventh inning in 2/3 innings of work.  Jeremy Walker pitched a scoreless 8th inning.

In Saturday’s game one of a doubleheader TJ Zeuch pitched a complete game for the win.  In the second game Jake Jewell opened and pitched an inning allowing one hit.  Ben Bowden went two innings allowing just a walk striking out three. McKinley Moore struck out the side in the fourth inning allowing only a walk.  Jakob Hernandez threw a perfect inning with one strikeout.  Yunior Marte closed it out with two perfect innings with two strikeouts.  They held Syracuse to just one hit, a single, in the contest.

On Sunday Ranger Suarez pitched five innings allowing one run on four hits and no walks, he struck out three batters. Louis Head and Jeremy Walker pitched scoreless innings, Trey Cobb stranded two inherited runners in the eighth inning by retiring the only two batters he faced in a high leverage situation, one by strikeout.  Erich Uelmen tossed a scoreless ninth inning.

AA Level : Reading : 4-2 for the week against Hartford, 10-16 overall - 5/9/23 @ home vs  New Hampshire - six games

Scores :

Tuesday : 6-4 Win

Wednesday : 12-6 Win

Thursday : 5-4 Loss

Friday : 11-2 Win

Saturday : 14-12 Win

Sunday : 5-4 Loss

Total Runs Scored : 51

Total Runs Against : 34

Position Players :

Standout Stats :

Johan Rojas - 14 for 27 (.519) with 1 double, 1 triple, 1 HR and 6 RBIs - 3 walks - .567 OBP

Ethan Wilson - 12 for 25 (.480) with 3 doubles, 3 HR and 11 RBIs - 1 walk - .500 OBP

Carlos De La Cruz - 10 for 25 (.400) with 2 doubles, HR and 5 RBIs - 1 walk - .423 OBP

Max McDowell - 6 for 11 (.545) with 4 walks - .706 OBP

Cody Roberts - 5 for 10 (.500) with 2 doubles

Madison Stokes - 7 for 19 (.368) with 4 doubles and a triple, 1 walk - .400 OBP

Matt Kroon - 6 for 19 (.316) with a HR and 6 RBIs - 3 walks - .391 OBP

Recap :

On Tuesday Ethan Wilson had three hits (two singles and a HR) and three RBIs, he scored twice.   Carlos De La Cruz doubled, Garrett Whitley homered.  In Wednesday action Carlos De La Cruz and Johan Rojas each had three hits. Madison Stokes, Ethan Wilson, Drew Ellis and Cody Roberts had two hits each.  Roberts, De La Cruz and Stokes each doubled.  Wilson and Ellis homered.  Oliver Dunn walked three times. On Thursday Carlos De La Cruz, Johan Rojas, Ethan Wilson and Wendell Rijo each had two hits.  Wilson and Madison Stokes each doubled, Carlos De La Cruz homered.  In Friday’s nine run win Johan Rojas had four hits (three singles and a triple), Ethan Wilson had three knocks (single, double & HR) with five RBIs. Carlos De La Cruz, Madison Stokes and Max McDowell each had two hits.  Stokes doubled, Drew Ellis and Nick Podkul each homered.   The team had 17 hits and 6 walks.

In a slugfest on Saturday Cody Roberts had three hits (two singles & double) as did Matt Kroon (two singles & HR).  Johan Rojas, Carlos De La Cruz,  Garrett Whitley, Ethan Wilson and Nick Podkul each had two hits.  Whitley and Wilson doubled. Johan Rojas homered.  Kroon had five RBIs.  Rojas walked twice. Oliver Dunn tripled and had three RBIs.  Every batter in the lineup reached base at least once.  On Sunday Johan Rojas had two hits (single & double) and three RBIs, he also stole his 8th base of the season.  Max McDowell had three knocks (singles).  Madison Stokes doubled and tripled.  Matt Kroon and Garrett Whitley each had two singles.

Pitchers :

Standout Stats :

Nick Nelson - two starts - 10 IP, 1 ER, 9 H, 0 BB, 9 K’s, 0.90 WHIP and ERA

Tyler Phillips - last two starts - 11 IP, 3 R, 9 H, 2 BB, 9 K’s, 0.81 WHIP - 94-96 mph FB, big curve

Mick Abel - last 2 starts - 12 IP, 2 R, 6 H, 0 BB, 14 K’s, 0.50 WHIP - 95-100 mph FB

Recap :

On Tuesday Nick Nelson stretched out to five innings in his second MLB rehab start with Reading, he allowed one unearned run on six hits, walked none and struck out four batters.  Five pitchers pitched behind Nelson in the eleven inning game, Brett Schulze pitched a scoreless inning. Taylor Lehman pitched two perfect innings with two strikeouts. Max Kuhns hit 97 mph with the petrol in the eleventh inning striking out two batters to seal the win.  In Wednesday action Cristian Hernandez retired all four batters he faced in relief, two by strike out.  On Thursday Tyler Phillips pitched six innings, his fastball was consistently in the 94 to 96 mph range and he once again had a swing and miss curve ball.  Andrew Schultz and Keylan Killgore each pitched a perfect inning of relief.

In Friday’s lopsided win Mick Abel was dominant, a 95 to 100 mph fastball, low 80’s curve and high 80’s slider in a six inning effort allowing one run on four hits and one walk with eight strikeouts.   Tyler McKay pitched a perfect 7th inning with one strikeout. Zach Linginfelter pitched a perfect 8th inning.  Adam Leverett finished it out by pitching the ninth.  In a slugfest on Saturday Reading used six pitchers, Braden Zarbnisky had the most success going 1 1/3 scoreless innings of relief including stranding an inherited runner.   On Sunday Nick Nelson started and went five innings allowing one run on three hits and no walks, he struck out five batters. Cristian Hernandez pitched a scoreless frame.  Zach Linginfelter pitched a perfect 8th inning with two strikeouts.

High A Level : Jersey Shore : 4-2 for the week against Hickory, 12-11 overall - 5/9/23 vs Greensboro - six games

Scores :

Tuesday : 7-5 Win

Wednesday : 4-0 Loss

Thursday : 7-5 Win (11 innings)

Friday : 6-3 Loss

Saturday : 13-1 Win

Sunday : 3-2 Win

Total Runs Scored : 33

Total Runs Against : 23

Position Players :

Standout Stats :

Marcus Lee Sang - 7 for 19 (.368) with a double, HR and 3 RBIs - 9 walks, 2 stolen bases - .571 OBP

Hao Yu Lee - 8 for 24 (.333) with a double, triple and HR - 3 HBP, 1 BB - .429 OBP

Kendall Simmons - 8 for 24 (.333) with a double, 3 home runs and 6 RBIs

Rixon Wingrove - 6 for 19 (.316) with 2 HR and 8 RBIs, 1 BB, 1 HBP - .381 OBP

Leandro Pineda - two doubles and two home runs - 4 RBIs

Jared Carr - .412 OBP (three hits and four walks) in 17 plate appearances

Recap :

On Tuesday Leandro Pineda had a night with three hits (double & 2 HR’s) and four RBIs.   Kendall Simmons doubled. On Wednesday Marcus Lee Sang had two hits (single & double), he also walked twice and stole a base. On Thursday Hao Yu Lee had four hits (two singles, triple, home run), Anthony Quirion (two doubles), Rixon Wingrove (two singles) and Jared Carr (two singles) had two hits each. On Friday Marcus Lee Sang had three hits (singles), a walk and two RBIs.

On Saturday Rixon Wingrove had three hits.  Kendall Simmons and Rixon Wingrove each hit two home runs, Simmons had four RBIs, Wingrove drove in five.  Marcus Lee Sang, Casey Martin and Anthony Quirion each had two hits.  Hao Yu Lee and Leandro Pineda doubled.  Lee Sang and Casey Martin each homered.   Everyone in the lineup reached base at least once, the team had 14 hits and 4 walks.  On Sunday Kendall Simmons went 3 for 4 (two singles & HR) and scored twice.  Wilfredo Flores had two hits (single & double).

Pitchers :

Standout Stats :

Carlos Betancourt - two scoreless appearances - 5 IP, 2 H, 1 BB, 6 K’s, 0.60 WHIP

Alex Garbrick - 3 appearances - 3 1/3 IP, 1 R, 3 H, 0 BB, 5 K’s, 0.90 WHIP

Matt Russell - 3 scoreless high leverage IP - 2 H, 1 BB, 5 K’s

Recap :

On Tuesday six different pitchers took the mound, Albertus Barber made his BlueClaws season debut by pitching the third inning.  Alex Garbrick continued the dominance he started last week going two perfect innings with four strikeouts.  Jordi Martinez went 1 2/3 scoreless innings to close out the win.  On Wednesday Gunner Mayer started and went four innings yielding two runs on seven hits. Carlos Betancourt threw two scoreless innings in relief. Tommy McCollum pitched 1 1/3 scoreless frames.  On Thursday Jason Ruffcorn, Carlos Francisco and Rodolfo Sanchez each pitched a scoreless inning of relief behind starter Matt Osterberg who went four.  Matt Russell pitched a scoreless 8th, 9th and 10th innings. Cam Wynne completed the comeback win with a scoreless 11th inning.  The bullpen tossed seven consecutive scoreless frames!  On Friday Jordan Fowler went 4 2/3 innings as the starter.  Chase Antle pitched a perfect 6th inning with two strikeouts.  Albertus Barber pitched a scoreless 7th inning.

On Saturday Rafael Marcano started and went four innings, one run scored on four hits and three walks, he struck out four batters.  Carlos Betancourt was excellent in relief going three scoreless frames allowing just a walk and striking out four batters.  Sam Jacobsak pitched a perfect 8th inning.  Cam Wynne struck out two batters in a scoreless 9th inning. On Sunday Victor Vargas made his first appearance of the season as the starter, he went two innings.  Alex Garbrick threw a scoreless third inning, Carlos Francisco pitched two innings, Rodolfo Sanchez went two scoreless.  Tommy McCollum pitched a scoreless 8th inning.  Tristan Garnett finished it with a scoreless ninth posting two strikeouts.

Low A Level : Clearwater : 6-0 for the week against Lakeland , 21-6 overall - 5/9/23 vs Dunedin - six games

Scores :

Tuesday : 6-5 Win

Wednesday : 13-7 Win

Thursday : 3-2 Win (10 innings)

Friday : 6-5 Win

Saturday : 6-5 Win

Sunday : 8-7 Win

Total Runs Scored : 42

Total Runs Against : 31

Position Players :

Standout Stats :

Caleb Ricketts - 11 for 22 (.500) with 5 doubles, a triple and 5 RBIs - 1 walk, 1 HBP - .542 OBP

Jordan Dissin - 4 for 11 (.364) with a double, HR and 4 RBIs - 3 walks and 1 HBP - .533 OBP

Otto Kemp - .591 OBP (two hits, 2 HBP and 9 walks) in 22 plate appearances

Gabriel Rincones Jr - .435 OBP (four hits, 4 walks, 2 HBP in 23 plate appearances

Bryan Rincon - .409 OBP (five hits (3 doubles), 3 walks, 1 HBP and 5 RBIs) in 22 plate appearances

Cade Fergus - 4 for 10 (.400) with 2 doubles and 4 RBIs

Erick Brito - .381 OBP (five hits, 1 triple, 3 walks) in 21 plate appearances

Justin Crawford - .368 OBP (five hits, two doubles, 2 walks and 5 RBIs) in 19 plate appearances

Emaarion Boyd - .368 OBP (four hits, 1 double, 1 walk, 2 HBP) in 20 plate appearances

Freylin Minyety - .357 OBP (four hits, 1 walk) in 14 plate appearances - .333 BA

Recap :

On Tuesday Caleb Ricketts was 3 for 4 (two singles and a triple).  Emaarion Boyd had two hits (single & double), scored twice and stole a base.  Erick Brito had two singles. Otto Kemp tripled. Ricardo Rosario and Bryan Rincon each doubled.  In Wednesday action Justin Crawford, Jordan Dissin and Caleb Ricketts each had two hits.  Caleb Ricketts, Jordan Dissin and Justin Crawford each doubled.  Erick Brito tripled. Jordan Dissin homered.  Bryan Rincon and Justin Crawford each had three RBIs.  On Thursday Caleb Ricketts hit two doubles. Freylin Minyety had two singles.

On Friday Gabriel Rincones Jr had three hits (singles) and a walk, he posted two RBIs.   Caleb Ricketts singled and doubled.  Bryan Rincon doubled.  On Saturday Justin Crawford and Caleb Ricketts had two hits, both doubled and posted two RBIs. Bryan Rincon doubled. On Sunday Cade Fergus had three hits (two doubles and single) and three RBIs. Ricardo Rosario, Freylin Minyety and Felix Reyes had two hits each.  Reyes doubled.

Pitchers :

Standout Stats :

Wesley Moore -  2 appearances - 4 IP, 1 ER, 1 H, 0 BB, 8 K’s - 0.25 WHIP

Orion Kerkering - 2 appearances - 3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 HB, 0 BB, 5 K’s, 0.33 WHIP

Jack Dallas - 2 appearances - 4 1/3 IP, 1 H, 1 BB, 4 K’s 0.46 WHIP

Alex McFarlane - 5 IP, 1 R, 3 H, 0 BB, 7 K’s - 0.60 WHIP

Jean Cabrera - 3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 BB, 6 K’s, 0.67 WHIP

Wen Hui Pan - 4 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 0 BB, 4 K’s - 0.50 WHIP

Andrew Bellatti - 2 appearances - 2 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 BB, 4 K’s

Recap :

On Tuesday five hurlers appeared in the game, Danny Wilkinson went 2 2/3 innings in relief allowing one run on one hit and two walks, he struck out five batters. Andrew Walling pitched a scoreless 8th inning and Orion Kerkering posted his 4th save with a scoreless ninth. In Wednesday action Wen Hui Pan started and pitched four scoreless innings allowing two hits and no walks, he struck out four batters.  On Thursday Alex Rao started and pitched three innings yielding one run on two hits and two walks, he struck out four batters.  Jean Cabrera pitched three scoreless innings, looked really good, fastball was popping, he struck out six batters and allowed only one hit and one walk.  Jack Dallas went two scoreless frames, no hits, one walk and three strikeouts.

On Friday Griff McGarry pitched the first inning, his fastball was in the 96 to 97 mph range, he also threw a cutter,slider and sinker, struck out two hitters and yielded one run on a home run.  Andrew Bellatti pitched a perfect second inning, fastball sat 93-94 mph and he also threw his signature slider, struck out two batters.  Starlyn Castillo struck out six batters in his three innings of work, he was tagged for four runs (two earned) on five hits and two walks.  Andrew Walling pitched two scoreless frames allowing just a walk. Orion Kerkering pitched two scoreless innings with four strikeouts.  On Saturday Alex McFarlane had a very strong outing going five innings allowing one run on three hits, he walked none and struck out seven batters, Alex was 95 to 99 mph with his fastballs (sinker and four seamer) and also threw sliders, cutters and changeups. Jack Dallas went 2 1/3 scoreless in relief.  On Sunday Estibenzon Jimenez started and pitched well - four innings, two runs, one earned on three hits and no walks with two strikeouts.  Andrew Bellatti tossed a scoreless fifth inning, Eduar Segovia threw a scoreless sixth. Wesley Moore pitched the final two innings allowing one hit and no walks, he struck out two batters.

Player Development Training Center : 5-2-2 extended spring record

Scores :

Tuesday : 9-1 Loss to Blue Jays

Thursday : 3-3 Tie with Blue Jays

Friday : 8-6 Win vs Blue Jays

Total Runs Scored : 12

Total Runs Against : 18

Position Players :

On Tuesday third baseman Felix Reyes was 2 for 3 (singles) and scored a run, he also stole a base.  Raylin Heredia doubled and was 1 for 3.  Dakota Kotowski had the RBI and was 1 for 3 with a single.  Matt Alifano singled, the team was held to five hits and two walks.  On Thursday Matt Alifano went 3 for 3 (singles) with a walk, RBI and stolen base.  Jorge Garcia was 2 for 3 (two doubles).  Kliubert Avila, Marco Soto and Jehisbert Sevilla each had singles, the team had eight hits total.

On Friday Raylin Heredia and Dakota Kotowski each had two hits, Heredia crushed a triple off the left field fence and had four RBIs. Kotowski’s two hits were both doubles, he had two RBIs.  Ryan Leitch and Diego Gonzalez each doubled.  Yhoswar Garcia walked three times, stole two bases and scored twice, I enjoy watching him play, very animated.  William Bergolla made his extended spring debut and had a single, walk, RBI and scored twice.  He made a very heady base running play on his single to right field where the fielder threw home to attempt to cut down the incoming runner, William never broke stride and easily reached second base on the play.  Marco Soto, Jorge Garcia and Gavin Tonkel each singled, Tonkel stole a base, he’s another very fleet afoot outfielder.

Pitchers :

On Tuesday Jonathan Petit started on the mound and went two scoreless innings.  Eight other hurlers pitched, Luis Gomez went one and on third scoreless innings, no hits or walks and one strikeout.  Malik Binns and Saul Teran each pitched a scoreless inning.  On Thursday Daniel Mejia started (two IP, 1 R, 2 H, 1 BB, 3 K’s) followed by Christopher Soriano (two IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 BB, 2 K’s), Guisseppe Velasquez (two IP,  1 R, 0 H, 2 BB, 2 K’s), Nathan Karaffa (two IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 BB, 2 K’s) and Matt Seelinger (one IP, 1 R, 1 H, 0 BB, 2 K’s).

A couple fellas threw the best I’ve seen them on Friday, Malik Binns had great spin and movement on his curve ball, couple with a lively fastball that he was in or near the zone with it was a very strong outing for Malik, saw him afterwards and he was pleased, the big fella can be a presence if he can command the zone, today he did that.  Ty Collins struck out the side in his inning of work, also had a really good fastball and the slider was very effective. Oswald Medina impressed as well in his inning of work, good pop.  Nicoly Pina would have been out of his inning unscathed except the umpire missed a strike call, still it was good to see Nicoly throwing better than earlier in the year, was up to 94 mph and had decent break on his slider. Saul Teran gave up an unearned run in two innings on one hit and one walk, he struck out three, first time I’ve seen Teran in person, 90 to 92 mph fastball with late life.

Dominican Summer League Spring Training

The Phillies Red and Phillies White teams opened spring training games on Monday.

Phillies Red : (3-1)

Scores :

Monday : 5-1 Loss vs Rockies (ROC)

Tuesday : 7-4 Win vs Yankees

Wednesday : Camp Day

Thursday : 9-4 Win vs Marlins

Friday : 7-4 Win vs Marlins

Saturday :

Total Runs Scored : 24

Total Runs Against : 17

On Monday Manolfi Jimenez had two singles, Jaeden Calderon and Neify Rosario each singled, the team was held to four hits.  Five pitchers threw in the game for the Phillies - Claudio Gatier, Rainy Mota, Ramon Reyes, Eduardo Fernandez and Luis Martinez. On Tuesday  Romel Mendez was 2 for 2 (singles) with two runs scored. Aroon Escobar doubled,  Yemil Rosario and Lenny Carela each tripled. Sterling Caba stole two bases. Danyony Pulido and Maxwell Hernandez each pitched a scoreless inning.

On Thursday Neify Rosario was 3 for 4 (singles) while Andres Hernandez, Jaeden Calderon, Arquedion Muller and Jarol Martinez each had two hits.  Hernandez and Jose Leanez each doubled, Calderon homered and had three RBIs. Martinez had two RBIs.  Luis Gonzalez, Joel Heredia and Ezequiel Ventura each pitched a scoreless inning, Ventura struck out the side and Heredia had two strikeouts.  On Friday Brahian Silva had two hits including a double and RBI. Jarol Martinez and Eduardo Tait each doubled.  Renair Manrique had a single, two RBIs and a walk. Ramon Reyes, Luis Martinez and Claudio Gatier each threw a scoreless inning.

Phillies White : (2-1-1)

Scores :

Monday : 9-5 Win vs Rockies (COL)

Tuesday : 10-6 Win vs Rockies (COL)

Wednesday : Camp Day

Thursday : 2-2 Tie vs Tigers Team One

Friday : 5-4 Loss vs Tigers Team Two

Total Runs Scored : 25

Total Runs Against : 18

On Monday Starlyn Caba had four hits, two RBIs, three runs scored and a stolen base in five AB’s.  Aroon Escobar was 2 for 3 with a grand slam home run. Jerffson Peñahomered. Leny Carela doubled in two AB’s, had an RBI and scored a run.  Angel Mata, Yhoan Escalona, Romel Mendez and Jose Marchan each singled.  Five pitchers threw - Alexis De La Cruz, Luis Avila, Angel Liranzo, Gregory Lebron and Cristian Diaz. On Tuesday Jaeden Calderon went 3 for 4 (two singles & double) with an RBI and two runs scored. Eduardo Tait homered and had two RBI’s, Renaire Manrique and Dervin Andrade each hit two singles.  Juan Amarante pitched a scoreless inning in the game with three strikeouts.

On Thursday Angel Mata was 2 for 2 (singles) in the game.  Lenny Carela and Guillermo Rosario each doubled. The club had ten hits in the game.  Josbel Garcia, John Sosa, Jendry Charles and Juan Melendez each threw scoreless innings, Garcia and Sosa struck out two batters each.

In Friday’s action Leny Carela and Angel Mata each had two knocks including a double and RBI.  Starlyn Caba and Jorge Julio each singled, the team had six hits in total. Luis Avila, Angel Liranzo, Cristian Diaz, Eduardo Fernandez and Alexis De La Cruz each threw a scoreless inning.  Avila and De La Cruz each struck out two batters.

Happy Week, Happy Baseball ⚾️

Photos by Casey Burns, Rebecca Alexander, George Youngs Jr, Michael Dolcemascolo and Cheryl Pursell.

Note : I've partnered  with Fanatics on Phillies Merchandise - if you would like to help support my website and articles here's a link to order merchandise - I get a small commission on any sales - thanks for the support.

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