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8/1/22 : Roster Moves

When new players are added to the system via the draft or the signing of un-drafted free agents there are associated transactions often needed to create roster slots.  When the new minor league structure was established before the 2021 season a limitation was placed on the number of roster spots teams could have active for stateside minor league baseball.  The limit is 180 players during the season and even some injured players count towards the number, those listed on the seven day IL are included.  Players listed on the 60 day IL or another listing called the full season injured list do not count towards the limit.

The Phillies have signed 17 of their 19 draft choices and an additional 13 non-drafted free agents.  There is a grace period granted for these new signees to not count towards the 180 player limit and all are participating in a mini camp at Carpenter Complex at present.  They will not count against the limit until they are activated on a formal roster ( AAA to FCL ).

This past weekend some of the fellas who’ve been in the organization for awhile were released.  Pitchers DJ Jefferson and Sergio Sanchez were released from the FCL Phillies.  Yesterday infielder DJ Stewart was released from Jersey Shore.  I hadn’t gotten to know Sergio yet but the two DJ’s are some of my favorite people.  Both are extremely courteous and always went out of their way to say hello.  They also have been very appreciative of the photographers’ efforts who have supplied them with baseball photos.  DJ Stewart actually just had his best month of the season in July posting at  16 for 58 ( .276 ) - .373 OBP with  8 BB, and 5 doubles.

Professional Baseball is a very difficult profession, it’s easy for fans to criticize players and many go to an extreme that is in my opinion uncalled for.  Playing baseball each day requires constant adjustment to have/maintain success and even then is a job that is usually short in tenure even for the most accomplished.  It’s also a job that requires the proper fit in an organization, having an opportunity to advance if doing well and more importantly perhaps having the organization have faith in your abilities when there are struggles. Sometimes roster limits and/or organization projections require moving on.

It’s a life that most of us aren’t equipped with the physical ability to do … yet more often than not fan’s expectations far exceed their own abilities.  Hopefully the three young men released this past weekend are afforded another opportunity in a different organization if that’s what they desire.  It’s a temporary set back in life, being dismissed from a job - I believe these young folks will do great things in their future whether it be baseball or something else - best wishes to them !

On a more pleasant note at least three players received promotions this weekend - RHP Ben Brown & OF/1B Carlos De La Cruz were promoted to Reading from Jersey Shore and OF Marcus Lee Sang was promoted from Clearwater to Jersey Shore.  Congrats to all three !

I get a bit melancholy when players get released or even traded that I’ve come to know along with their families even though it’s a given in the baseball profession.  On the opposite side of the spectrum is the jubilance and pride felt when a player is promoted.  I’m off to the complex after writing and posting this - to continue to get to know more good people and perhaps link to their families as well  - that’s the biggest upside of doing this thing I do.  Treating folks with respect and sharing just a little bit in their lives is an honor - to me that’s what we all should do with everyone - just sayin.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ️ - today has a little sad mixed In as well

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