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9/2/2020 : The Status of Minor League Fall Instructs

Major League Baseball has given the approval for Fall Instructs to be held per an article written yesterday in Baseball America by Josh Norris.

The details as outlined by Mr. Norris ...

The camps can be held at either/or the Complexes or the at the Alternate Training Site. If held at the Alternate Training Site the facility must not be also used for Player Pool training.

Games can be held against other clubs - no camps are to begin before September 18th.

In order to begin camps teams are required to submit health and safety protocols and have them approved by MLB.

The plans must include the number of players who will be in camp, the number that will be allowed at the facilities at any one time, a testing plan for COVID-19 ( at least twice per week), a testing provider approved by MLB, the dates the camp will run and plans for housing and food service.

Players who qualify for the camp cannot be on the 40 man roster and must be paid at a rate at least equivalent to what they would during the regular season ... note that in prior year’s Fall Instructs akin to Spring Training that players were not required to be paid a salary.

Teams must provide housing and meal allowances.

In person scouting will be allowed however teams can prohibit other team’s scouts from attending their camps ... if they do so their scouts are also prohibited from attending opponent team’s camps. Scouts who attend must adhere to the health and safety protocols.

It’s expected that no fans will be allowed to attend.

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