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9/22/23 : Today at the Complex

Got to watch a live bullpen session on Roberts Field this morning.  Right-hander Mitch Neunborn threw to catcher Jose Colmenarez and hitter Jorge Garcia.  Neunborn is here preparing for his Arizona Fall League (AFL) assignment.  Garcia is rehabbing an injury and Colmenarez remained stateside to catch rehabbing pitchers and fellas like Neunborn.

The split finger changeup that Neunborn throws is a fascinating pitch to me both in how he throws it (Vulcan grip between ring and index finger) and how it comes out of his hand.  Today it had the appearance of a knuckle ball at times which darts and has baffling movement.  When coupled with a fastball and slider it’s easy to see (when ya can witness ‘em in person) why he’s hard to square up as a hitter.  It will be fun to watch how he does in the AFL.  I’d imagine that aggressive hitters are gonna struggle against him facing a specialty pitch with such movement and a mix that will keep them off balance.  Good stuff 🤓.

Others who threw today (side sessions) as they continue their rehab efforts were left-hander Erubiel Armenta and right-hander Micah Ottenbreit.  Both are pitchers who could have impact next season.  Armenta is a twenty-three year old from Mexico who appeared in forty games out of the pen for Jersey Shore in 2022 but missed this season due to injury.  Ottenbreit was the club’s 4th round draft selection in the 2021 draft from Trenton High School in Michigan, he’s just twenty years old and has missed most of the past two seasons rehabbing from TJ surgery.  I watched Micah throw the other day in a side session, was letting it go, he’s got a chance to be a really good one once he’s back on the mound in action, hopefully that’s as soon as next spring.

Mitch Neunborn delivers Vulcan grip splitter

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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