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A FAN’S VIEW: IF Kendall Simmons

An inside look at the Phillies top prospects.

(MLBPipeline lists the top 30 prospects on each team’s website. While biding time waiting for baseball to resume, Steve Potter will provide his views of these young players. A Clearwater resident, his passion is seeing and following these prospects in person. Normally, Spectrum Field and Carpenter Complex are his second homes. His 4th Annual Phillies Minor League Digest is on sale at

IF Kendall Simmons.

Phillies #26 prospect according to … 20 years old … 2018 6th round selection out of Macon, GA…

We first met Kendall and his parents at a Threshers game in Clearwater shortly after he had been drafted ... they were in the stands watching and I remember welcoming them, telling the young man we looked forward to watching his pro career ...

Kendall’s first pro summer was spent playing for Roly De Armas in the GCL ... the first experiences of pro ball for players, especially high school draftees is often just as difficult from a mental perspective as it is physically ... the grind as they call it ... what was evident that first summer from this observer’s view was the bat speed and raw power he possessed ... he’s one of those players where the ball makes a different sound ... that sweet sound of hard contact off the bat

Things didn’t truly start to click for Simmons till near the end of July and into August at Williamsport in 2019 when he hit 10 home runs over a span of 39 games. The power was on full display which earned him a spot in the NYPL All-Star game. He ended up leading the league in slugging percentage and tied for second in home runs.

This spring his confidence loomed from a successful summer, a good showing in Fall Instructs and an off season building muscle, came to camp noticeably stronger ... seemed very comfortable in his surroundings ... was a daily standout in BP and was being tutored defensively it seemed as a second baseman while also getting fielding reps at shortstop and third base.

Projection : Kendall has multiple tools to excel, he’s an attentive student from our observations when being coached ... he’s also a very approachable and pleasant young man ... always welcoming. From my perspective he’s got the ability to play multiple infield positions well ... arm, hands, read and movement are all there ... it’s the power potential that sets him apart ... seemed slated for Lakewood this season as a 20 year old ... projects as a very good middle of the order bat ...

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