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Monday, 8/22/22 : Minor League Roundup

Florida Complex League :

Phillies 8 ( 25-29 ) Tigers 1 ( 18-36 )

Carpenter Complex, Roberts Field, Clearwater, FL

Summary :

The last home game of the 2022 FCL Phillies season was a good one as they emerged victorious.  An ice cream truck was brought into the complex to commemorate the summer season of baseball.  😋

Randy Vasquez walked in the 2nd inning, stole second base and scored on a single by Otto Kemp.   Ezra Farmer walked in the third inning, went to second on a groundout and scored on a single by Emaarion Boyd.

The Tigers scored a run in the fourth on a double by Abel Bastidas and single by Jose Reina.

The Phillies plated five runs in the bottom of the fourth - Randy Vasquez doubled, Jordan Dissin singled - Otto Kemp singled to score Vasquez.   Ezra Farmer clubbed his first professional hit - a double - to score two runs.  Emaarion Boyd singled to score Farmer.  Cole Moore doubled to score Boyd.

The Phillies loaded the bases in the seventh on a hit batter and two walks - a run scored on a groundout by Diego Gonzalez.

On the Hill :

RH Estibenzon Jimenez - 5 IP, 1 R, 2 H, 2 BB, 7 K’s - finished season strong

RH Eric Garcia - 1 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 BB, 3 K’s

LH Mason Ronan - 1 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 1 BB, 1 K

LH Christopher Soriano - 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 2 BB, 0 K’s

LH Jose Acuna - 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 BB, 0 K’s

At the Bat : 11 H, 7 BB, 5 K’s

Emaarion Boyd, Jordan Dissin & Otto Kemp each had two hits, Randy Vasquez, Ezra Farmer, Cole Moore and Dakota Kotowski each hit doubles.  Farmer and Kemp each had two RBIs.

Notes :

The Phillies FCL season concludes tomorrow with a morning game against the Blue Jays in Dunedin.

Dominican Summer League :

Brewers2 6 ( 27-31 ) Phillies Red 5 ( 36-22 ) - seven innings

Summary :

Marco Soto reached on an error in the first inning, move to second on a single by Fernando Hernandez & scored on a single by Aroon Escobar.

The Brewers scored in the bottom of the first on a single, stolen base and RBI single by Reminton Batista.

Jorge Mendez doubled to score Aroon Escobar ( singled ) in the 4th inning.

The Brewers scored twice in the bottom of the fourth on a single, wild pitch, RBI single and RBI double.

Marco Soto reached on a two base error in the fifth, went to third on a passed ball and scored on a sac fly by Fernando Hernandez.

The Brewers scored three times in the bottom of the 5th on three singles and an error.

Jose Colmenarez hit a two run home run in the sixth scoring Jerffson Pena ( HBP ) in front of him.

On the Hill :

RH Enrique Segura - 5 IP, 3 R - 2 earned, 5 H, 1 BB,  3 K’s

RH Edgar Zuniga - 2 IP, 3 unearned R, 3 H, 0 BB, 1 K

At the Bat : 6 H, 0 BB, 5 K’s

Aroon Escobar had two hits, scored a run and had an RBI.  Jose Colmenarez homered.   Jorge Mendez doubled.

Notes :

If Phillies Red wins their final game tomorrow they will clinch the final league wild card playoff spot - if they lose and the Padres win their game they will have the same record and tie breakers will apply.  Win and in 👍

Phillies White 8 ( 39-19 ) Tigers1 7 ( 22-37 )

Summary :

Romel Mendez doubled in the bottom of the first, went to third on a single by Nolan Beltran and scored on a sac fly by Manolfi Jimenez.

The Tigers scored five in the second on a single, five walks, a throwing error and wild pitch.

Dervin Andrade doubled in the second inning, went to third on a passed ball and scored on a ground out.  Andrade doubled again in the fourth inning and scored on a single by Andres Tabares.

Dervin Andrade hit his third double of the game in the 5th inning scoring Jarol Martinez ( singled ).

The Tigers scored twice in the sixth on a single, error and double.

Romel Mendez singled in the 6th, advanced to second on a single by Darium Gutierrez and scored on a fielding error on which Manolfi Jimenez reached base.

Leny Carela walked in the 7th, advanced to third on a wild pitch and single by Dervin Andrade and scored on a single by Andres Hernandez.

Leny Carela walked in the 8th inning and scored on a double by Angel Mata.

The Phillies loaded the bases in the 9th on a single ( Andres Tabares ) walk and intentional walk.  A wild pitch allowed Tabares to score with the walk off run !

On the Hill :

LH Alexis Garibaldi - 1 IP, 5 R, 1 H, 4 BB, 1 K

LH Kleyderve Andrade - 3 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 3 BB, 2 K’s

RH Wilmer Blanco - 3 1/3 IP, 2 unearned R, 3 H, 1 BB, 4 K’s

LH Juan Amarante - 2/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 BB, 1 K

RH Diego Linares - 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 BB, 1 K

At the Bat : 15 H, 8 BB, 4 K’s

Dervin Andrade was 4 for 4 with three doubles, two runs scored and an RBI.  Sixteen year old Andres Tabares went 3 for 4 with an RBI and run scored.  Jarol Martinez & Romel Mendez each had two hits.  Mendez and Angel Mata each doubled.  Nolan Beltran singled and walked three times. Leny Carela walked twice and scored two runs.

Notes :

Team White has clinched a playoff spot and is tied for the San Pedro division lead with Tex Blue with one game left to play.

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