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1/10/23 : Today at the Complex

High Performance Camp Day Two

We watched our first batting practice session of 2023 this morning as four different groups - the first with four players and then three consisting of three players each went thru the paces on Roberts Field.  Initially they hit off a tee - situational swings ( opposite field, up the middle & pull ) and then against a coach throwing pitches - continuing situational hitting.  The sessions were under the guidance of Minor League Hitting Coordinator Luke Murton, Lower Level Hitting Coordinator Jake Elmore, Dominican Academy Hitting Coordinator Edwar Gonzalez and hitting coach Zack Jones.

The first group was Casey Martin, Cade Fergus, Hao Yu Lee & Kendall Simmons.  Lee is just a solid hitter, very little movement in his base - quick & thru the ball - continues to impress.  Kendall had a strong session - I liked how he closed out 2022 and get the vibe good things are gonna happen this season for the young man - built like a tank and super quick hands on inside deliveries.

Aroon Escobar, Carlos De La Cruz & Justin Crawford were the second group.  Justin has a smooth swing, no wasted motion and hands are very quick and thru the swing - good finish - squared up a bunch today including a few over the fences.  Carlos looks like he’s picking up where he left off from the Arizona Fall League - confidence is evident.  Aroon has a thick body and power to build upon - seems very coachable.

William Bergolla, Juan Villavicencio & Bryan Rincon were the third group.  Rincon has serious opposite field pop - we saw it last summer in FCL play and was on display again in today’s session.

The final group was Jerffson Peña, Manolfi Jimenez & Nolan Beltran - Beltran had the best session of the day, squared just about everything up and accomplished each objective of the training session in regards to situational hits.  Peña has a pretty left handed swing - he ended the session with a drive over the right field fence.

The complex has been getting a good power washing the last couple of days - when the phantasy campers arrive next week the concrete walks and building exterior will be all cleaned and the doors freshly painted.  The fields are in great condition as well - new sod on each and fresh infield dirt - great work by the grounds crew.

We got to introduce ourselves today to Director of Amateur Scouting Brian Barber and thank him for sending us such good ball players and people to watch and write about as they develop their baseball skills. 👍

That’s a wrap - Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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