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1/18/23 : Today at the Complex

Right hander Cam Wynne threw a bullpen today on the mound area between Ashburn & Schmidt Fields.  Cam spent most of last season on the IL before returning to make appearances in five late season games.  He’s a high velocity reliever with four pitches plus the ability to cut his fastball - a very dedicated young man who trains year round at the complex.  Was popping catcher Gus Sosa’s mitt today - threw about twenty pitchers or so.

Batting practice can get monotonous - to break it up a bit today the coaches introduced a competition on the last round of each session - the player with the most hits in the round declared the winner - good for a lot of laughs when players disputed the judges call on whether batted balls were hits or not 😁 - friendly banter back and forth.

In the sessions we saw Aroon Escobar and Kendall Simmons stood out - both are right handed hitters with easy power.  Escobar is an 18 year old infielder from Venezuela who happens to be the cousin of Braves slugger Ronald Acuna Jr.  Today he drove multiple pitches over the left field fence on Roberts Field and hit rocket line drives as well.  Simmons ( 22 years old ) hit three consecutive baseballs off the left center field scoreboard - one was a screamer that bounced back onto the field after hitting the scoreboard 😳.  I truly believe he’s gonna have a breakout season - can just see and feel it coming.

JT Realmuto was working out for a bit with one of the trainers doing a football toss on Schmidt Field and also getting in his cardio sprint work.  Looks ready to go.

Phantasy Camp starts tomorrow and will take over all the fields at the complex thru Sunday - High Performance Camp will shift to the BayCare Ballpark Stadium where I won’t have access to watch ( closed to the public ) so no more articles till at the earliest next Monday - I’m sure that’s a great disappointment to many 😂.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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Cam Wynne throwing to Gus Sosa

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