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1/23/23 : Today at the Complex

A blustery day at Carpenter Complex today as things returned to month of January normalcy after Phantasy Camp concluded on Sunday.   Rather than the large crowd the last few days only two fans ( my wife Barb and I ) were in attendance this morning to watch the minor leaguers practice who have gathered for the third week of High Performance Camp.

Outfielders fielded baseballs off the bat as Coach Andy Abad flip tossed to Coach Greg Brodzinski who hit to fielders stationed through out the outfield.  They then switched later in the practice with Coach Abad hitting.  Coach Abad’s enthusiasm and encouragement of his players when they do well is something to note - we’ve seen him get after ‘em in times past when needed as well - good coach who’s been at it a long time.   Another observance of note during the drill was how Gabriel Rincones Jr helped teammate Jerffson Peña to understand what was being taught on fielding a line drive down the right field line in regards to approach and footwork - good stuff to see teammates interact in positive ways such as that.  Maybe just me but it’s things like that I notice 👀.

Coach Abad hitting as Coach Brodzinski flips balls to him

Infield practice was held on Carlton Field - continue to be impressed with young Nolan Beltran in how smooth he fields and throws. Carlos De La Cruz continues to work at first base as well as taking balls in the outfield.  Pitchers fielding practice ( PFP’s ) followed infield drills - lefty Mavis Graves made a standout play fielding a bunt and making a perfect throw to third base in a simulated runners on first and second one out situation.  Catchers put on the gear for receiving and framing drills on Carlton Field after PFP’s concluded.

Batting practice was held on Roberts Field - Ethan Wilson & Emaarion Boyd joined the group today.  I continue to be impressed by some of the young hitters brought up for camp from the Dominican Academy - today Manolfi Jimenez stood out - quick and short to the ball with drive and power - thick body - good looking player.  Cade Fergus had a good session as well this morning.

Another new arrival to camp today was LHP Keylan Killgore.

A few minor league player transactions in the past few days - RHP Buddy Hayward retired, RHP Aidan Anderson & INF Sal Gozzo were released - best wishes to all three young men in their future endeavors.

While I watch baseball my wife gets her exercise in by walking within the complex from field to field - usually walks a few miles - below is her walk path today - I give her my phone to carry with her so I get credit for the exercise miles also 😂

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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