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1/25/2021 : Quiet Confidence

In 2015 I began the current phase of my life when my wife Barb and I retired and became full time baseball fans ... a daily sojourn to Carpenter Complex or to a ball field somewhere where either the Phillies or an affiliate was playing. 😎

That first spring it became my mission to focus on the minor league portion of the equation ... out of a desire to share what I was able to witness I began writing a Facebook page dedicated to the Phillies system. I love the game of baseball ... perhaps to an obsession 🥴.

We noted a lot of talent that year ... for instance, two young pitchers on the backfields that had a quiet aura about them in how they performed, interacted and generally went about their business. My wife tells me I have a “sixth sense” in recognizing talent ... don’t know if that’s true but I recall that during that extended spring camp how I felt that LHP Ranger Suarez and RHP Adonis Medina would some day become big league contributors. Suarez just seemed like a young man who had no fear or intimidation in any scenario and Medina had an array of pitches that could lock up any hitter when he performed with confidence albeit sometimes he battled himself. Both young men have appeared in major league games at this point in their career and our initial observation that they would become big league contributors remains our belief.

Data gathering and analysis are definite methods in gaging talent but I’ve also learned a tremendous amount by being able to observe each day ... at least until this past March and hopefully again at some point in the future 🤷‍♂️. While sitting on “my bench” alongside the first base line of Roberts Field and watching practices or games may seem idiotic to some it’s become my “look forward to” event. I long for those days to come again ... silly perhaps but true for me.

During the summer and fall of 2019 we noticed two more young hurlers that displayed the same aura we felt from 2015 when observing Suarez and Medina. Let me tell ya about them 🤓.


Eduar Segovia - RHP - Signed 5/9/18 - Venezuela ... 20 years old

We saw him on multiple occasions during the 2019 GCL season as the primary starter for the Phillies West team ... posted strong numbers, a 2.43 ERA in 29.2 IP with 39 K’s and 10 walks.

As an 18 year old that season he was already polished, smart and composed ... at times flashed a heater towards the mid 90’s, generally sitting between 90-93 ... His secondary offerings were solid ( slider & change up ) ... most impressed with his pitch-ability - setting up his sequences ... reminded me a great deal of organization mate Victor Vargas in his approach and command ... In Eduar’s initial year in the Dominican Summer League ( DSL ) in 2018 he posted a stingy 0.59 ERA in 15.1 IP ... more velocity will come, it’s the baseball acumen and willingness to take the ball that’s intriguing ... should be on the Clearwater starting staff this year in my humble opinion.


Victor Vargas - RHP - signed 7/2/17 - Colombia ... 20 years old

Finished the 2019 season at Williamsport after beginning in the Gulf Coast League. He posted outstanding numbers, an overall 3-1 record with a 1.59 ERA in 11 games ( 39.2 IP ) with 26 K’s.

Victor is a very polished pitcher, he’s got great form and an outstanding approach. There’s a mix of four pitches in his arsenal, we’ve seen him throw on multiple occasions, rarely have I seen anyone square him up consistently, he has outstanding command.

He is also a very well spoken and pleasant young man, exudes a quiet confidence. I believe he’s ready to pitch at the full season level with Clearwater being the likely destination. Akin to Segovia the velocity will tick up as he continues to develop and add strength.

Desire, determination, confidence and energy ... both young hurlers have all those key ingredients ... it’s a matter of time and development in climbing the ladder.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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