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10/26/2020 : A Stroll by the Yard

My wife and I just returned from a morning walk on the Ream Wilson Trail behind Carpenter Complex. Attempting to get some exercise in and drop a few of the thirty or so pounds I’ve picked up during the past year or so 🤦‍♂️.

We saw a few of the players beginning their outdoor workouts for the day ... each day begins with group stretching, jogging and throwing. This is the last week of Fall Instructs as Camp is slated to break on Saturday. The Camp began on 10/4 ... Saturday will mark the completion of the fourth week. Under normal circumstances the winter months would include invitations to the Dominican for extended instructs work plus a couple invitational camps like speed and agility and strength and conditioning at Carpenter Complex. They usually run a couple weeks each. To my knowledge there will not be any Winter camps at the Complex this year and no Instructs follow on camp will he held in the Dominican. Spring Training early arrivals in January are likely the next baseball group activities at either Complex.

For those who are interested I’ll keep writing during the off season when and if I hear or read things of interest ... gives a retiree something to do although I’ve gained recent knowledge that my old company is establishing a new hub in Tampa ... maybe I’ll un-retire and return to the paid work force ... ya never know 🤔.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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