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10/7/2020 : Fall Instructs Notes

Daily practice resumed at the Complex. I didn’t attend today, there’s not a lot that can be observed from behind the outfield fences. The practice mounds are situated in the middle of the complex and although we can see some activity occurring it’s impossible to see pitches thrown ... likewise when viewing the fielding drills from a distance it just don’t provide a great deal of definition of a player’s movement or instincts. BP sessions are crazy fun 😜 as home run balls fly like grenade launches around ya when you’re focused on using the binoculars to ascertain who’s hitting them 😳.

What I can share is some notes on a few of the players in camp ...

There are approximately 34 pitchers in camp including all 12 of the newly signed draft picks and amateur free agents. There are also some more established guys who suffered injuries in 2019 and have spent the summer working their way back ... notably Ben Brown, Bailey Falter and Nick Fanti.

Nineteen year old lefty Christopher Soriano is the only pitcher in camp here at present who played in the DSL during the 2019 season.

RHP Joel Cesar is here, he was acquired in a trade from Pittsburgh for LHP Austin Davis.

Big arm starters like Erik Miller and Francisco Morales are also here ... they could very well push their way to Reading in 2021 ... like them both ... a lot

Catchers :

There are six in camp but Cesar Rodriquez is working back from injury ... I’m not sure he’s fully participating. Edgar Cabral looks healthy again, he missed all but 21 games of the 2019 season after having Tommy John surgery. Nineteen year old Micah Yonamine looks like he had a growth spurt since I saw him last ... he’s listed at 6’3” 200 pounds.

Infielders :

There are 11 in camp ... it’s fun watching the quick and soft hands ( even if with binoculars) of Luis Garcia, Guarner Dipre, Jonathan Guzman and Nicolas Torres ... they can all pick it as middle infielders. Hard hitting Kendall Simmons put on a home run show in BP on Monday on Roberts Fields ... Edgar Made is a name to keep in mind, the young man can rake.

Outfielders :

There are 7 in camp ... Baron Radcliffe was in the Simmons hitting group on Monday and can mash from the left side ... at least he did in presumably his first pro level BP ... Simon Muzziotti, Matt Vierling and Jhailyn Ortiz are 2019 Threshers in attendance. Johan Rojas is reportedly here as well but I’ve yet to see him on the field ... doesn’t mean he’s not here ... just haven’t seen him.

The official camp roster hasn’t been issued to the public from what I can tell ... I always take my que from Baseball America before posting a full list of names that I’ve observed. It’s just my way, I’m not a “reporter” ... just an information sharer 😆.

Have a great balance of the day ... stay safe and stay healthy

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

Photo by Mark Wylie

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